Review of Wake Mod Co Bigfoot 200w Starter kit

Wake Mod Co doesn’t release new devices very often, but they take a very thorough approach to the design of each one. I would even say that they try very hard to be similar to Dot mods, adding a lot of gold tones to the design of their devices. But it looks like this time they decided to break the vicious cycle, in a good way, with their Bigfoot” 200w Starter kit.

The “Wake Mod Co Bigfoot” 200w Starter kit” is a starter kit that includes a box mod and a maintenance-free tank, and comes with absolutely everything you could possibly need to get to the bright side of vaping. First of all, the kit boasts of its design and quality of workmanship.


Bigfoot 200w mod

Bigfoot Sub-ohm Tank

2 replaceable 0.2 ohm vaporizers

Spare orings

Gold plated bottle opener

Usb cable

User’s Manual

Warranty card from the manufacturer.


The “boxmod form factor” most of all resembles a soapbox, but that’s not so bad. Due to the beveled corners of the boxmod” has a very nice ergonomics and it is very pleasant to hold in your hand. The main color of the boxmod and the tank completely coincide, vape accessories in new zealand which is very good, as the color palette of the devices has not left the company’s origins.

From time to time the number of color schemes has not changed, but this time the guys decided to add some frills. The cover of the battery compartment has a completely different design, and some of the options I really like, for example on the purple boxmod. Of course, without the golden logo of the company this device” simply could not have been released, it is present on the same cover of the battery compartment.

Control elements are located on the opposite side. In the center is a rather large, color display, and under it is a rocker” and Usb port for charging and firmware updates.

But the Fire button has a rather unusual format. It is located on the side edge and occupies almost all the space on it. Well, and of course without gold did not do without. One can say for sure that you won’t miss on the Fire button, as you can press it with the whole palm of your hand.

The design of the maintenance-free atomizer” completely fits the boxmod like any other device of the company. The whole central part is gold, and the top and bottom are in color with the body of the boxmod. The bubble glass doesn’t protrude much, so it doesn’t spoil the overall aesthetic pleasure. But the driptip is a white crow, literally. I’m even a little surprised that it’s not gold.


Bigfoot” 200w  

The “boxmod size” is 88x48x30, so it is quite large. The body material is zinc spal and plastic. The 2 18650 batteries are able to run the boxmod up to 200W of power with a maximum voltage of 7.5V. The boxmod operates in Power, TC” (Ni200/SS/