Review of VT75 by Hcigar – the first boxmod on DNA 75 board

Now I will tell you about a very interesting boxmod from Hcigar company, which has a long experience of cooperation with Evolv and has already released devices on DNA40 and DNA200 boards. As you might have guessed, their new boxmod is also based on Evolv board, but this time it’s a new and untested DNA75 board. So this is the first boxmod on the DNA75 board.

In general, I like the design of the boxmod, but I can’t say that I am delighted. I’m not a fan of Hcigar’s design at all, but the number of people who disagree with me is so great, ” that the boxmod will definitely find buyers. It is available in black and black and red colors. Let’s finish with the design and move on to the technical side.

 VT75 by Hcigar

As I’ve mentioned more than once, the boxmod has an Evolv DNA75 board installed, and it has the following features:

Adjustable wattage range of 1-75W with a maximum output current of 30-32 A.

The minimum resistance of the atomizer is 0.25 ohm, in thermocontrol mode 0.15 ohm, with a temperature limit of 200-600 F or 93-315.5 C, we also have a 0.91-inch display and firmware upgrade option.

Another important feature of the box mod is that it runs on a 26650 battery, but you can also use 18650 thanks to a special tube. vape auckland This idea is not new, and the first to realize it was Wismec with their Centurion boxmod. Despite its size, the box mod is still very comfortable in the hand thanks to its shape.

But that’s not all! Since the thickness of the boxmod is 32 mm, and the most popular atomizers at the moment are mostly 22-25 mm in diameter, the manufacturer added a decorative ring to the boxmod, which is screwed onto the atomizer, so it doesn’t look so small. But you don’t have to use it.

VT75 by Hcigar

The boxmod is doomed to popularity simply because it is the first boxmod on the DNA 75 board from Evolv. While the price is very much jumping, from 100 to 150 dollars, so I advise you to just wait until it settles down, and the board has not yet proven to be reliable. Although there are no doubts about it, to be honest.