Review of Voidray by ENCOM – forged in the depths of Mount Doom

ENCOM is a Chinese company, not particularly popular, but not at the bottom of the list. Their most popular device is perhaps the Snow LeoPard. This time they wanted to surprise the market and released a box mod that can only be destroyed in the heart of the fatal mountain Voidray.

Voidray by ENCOM

The guys from ENCOM spent a lot of time on the design, and for good reason, the result is a very beautiful, aggressive design. As you already understand, the peculiarity of the battery mod is its shock resistance and because of this, its dimensions are also not small: 86.5×42.5×32.5 mm. I would have thought that the button on the side “mdash; this is an additional Fire button, but no, this is a battery reset button, working on the principle of a magazine replacement button in a firearm, it looks impressive and convenient. vape chargers in new zealand The device is available in several colors that you can see:

On the front edge of the case on both sides there are ventilation holes for cooling the board, batteries and removing gases from the battery in case of emergency.

Now let’s move on to the technical specifications

The box mod is not suitable for adherents of large numbers; personally, for me, a power of 60 watts and a minimum resistance of 0.2 ohm in vari-watt mode would not be enough, however, it will be enough for comfortable vaping on tanks and flavor drips.


Power adjustment range in variable watt mode 7-60 watts

Adjustable voltage range in varivolt mode 0.5-7.5 volts

Supported atom resistance in variwatt mode 0.2-5 ohms, in TK mode 0.1-5 ohms, TK is available on nickel, temperature limiting from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit or 100-300 Celsius.

Pin spring loaded, gold plated

There is additional protection for the board and battery from atomizer leaks


This device is not particularly interesting to me personally from the technical side, for me personally it will not be enough, but that’s not its feature at all. It is distinguished by its impact resistance. If you are crooked and drop your device 100 times a day every day, then this is your choice, if you are afraid of ending up on a desert island without tools, then this box mod will perform the functions of a hammer, knife and ax (you never know the island is not so uninhabited) “Judging by the video that I will attach below, it can only be destroyed by throwing it into the depths of the fatal mountain. Is it worth its 25-35 dollars? Definitely yes.