Review of Wanko RDA by Focusecig

Those who have been reading my reviews of new products for a long time know that I’m crazy about custom winding bases. This includes the new Wanko RDA by Focusecig, a young Chinese company that already has a few good atomizers under its belt.

Wanko RDA by Focusecig

The appearance of the drip looks very peculiar, some people may like it, others will be disgusted by it. For me, its appearance is just unusual, causing neither positive nor negative emotions. The drip belongs to the stealth class, its height is 33mm, diameter is 22mm, weight is only 28 grams. There are two color options: black and steel.

Wanko RDA by Focusecig

Now the most interesting base. At first glance it was difficult to understand how this marvelous development from the secret laboratory of the People’s Republic of China functions. But after a little closer look, everything turned out to be much simpler. The base is both maintenance-free and maintainable.” uwell vape  There are three maintenance-free windings to choose from: A1 1 ohm kanthal, SS316L 0.6 ohm and Clapton 0.35 ohm. The footless winding is inserted into two cylinders, which in turn are inserted into clamps that are bolted to the bottom of the base. So you can stuff any winding of any complexity into these cylinders without any problems, the main thing is not to make a mistake with the diameter, because your limit will be the outer diameter of the winding/inner diameter of the rings. Most likely, after your first attempt, you will be installing spirals of any complexity without any problems. That’s why I would call this base maintenance free and maintainable.

Wanko RDA by Focusecig

The airflow holes are located on the side and are not particularly large. Internally, the blowing fits the coil from the side and a little bit from the bottom, on both sides. The blower will handle any winding you can set up without any problems, but I don’t recommend you to sabomize on highvolt. First and foremost, the drip is aimed at flavor delivery. Delrin driptip should be able to handle the heat, and the heat from a single coil should not be too high, so I don’t see much point in a heatsink, which spoils the appearance a bit.

The new product costs $13-$16 dollars, which I would gladly give for it.