Review of Trick Tank by VGod

Today we are going to tell you about a very unusual device (not really) from the company VGod, which is known all over the world for its Vape trickster team. In fact, they go to all kinds of vaping events and give their performances. So, VGod has released a tank designed specifically for vape tricks, it’s called the Trick Tank.

The design, to be honest, turned out to be a C-plus. The tank doesn’t stand out at all against the background of all atomizers and doesn’t look like a super mega cool atomizer for tricks. vape dunedin The size of the atomizer itself is very small, but everything in it is large in size, such as the drip tip, the blow holes and the vaporizer itself. There is an engraving of the name of the tank on the body. It is available in black and steel color options.

The tank runs on interchangeable 0.5 and 0.2 ohm vaporizers with a parallel of kanthal inside. There are no more vaporizers, no RBA base either. Below you can see how the tank looks disassembled:

The design of the vaporizer does not stand out at all and in general it is very similar to the Just version. But the liquid inlets are a little bit bigger.

Considering the size of the tank, its volume is not that big, only 3 ml of liquid, and considering the size of the holes for liquid supply, it will be gone quickly. But, good thing, they worked on the refill, it is a bucket refill, my favorite.

The blowing holes are big enough for such a small tank, they are regulated by turning the bottom part of the tank.

This is the end of the review of this tank.