Review of Troll RDA V2 by Wotofo

Now we will tell you about a new, or rather updated, device from the company Wotofo, which is famous for its inexpensive and high-quality atomizers. We will talk about Troll RDA V2, the legend is back in a new guise.

There is a lot to discuss infinitely long, but the result will come down to the fact that you either like the troll engraving or you don’t. Personally, I don’t like it, and I think it would look much better without it. But on the other hand it is connected with the name of the device, so you can’t ignore it. The ideal solution would be to make an additional version of the case without engraving. The case is made of 304 stainless steel and is available in black and steel colors. vape kits in new zealand The height is 24mm, the diameter is 22mm and the weight is only 40 grams. Thus it turned out to be very compact.

We have long since stopped praising manufacturers who release their new device with Velocity base, yes it is convenient, but there are so many of them that it is sickening. The hole size is 2.7mm, which will allow you to install spirals of impressive thickness.

One of the features of the base is the depth of the well for liquid, its depth is 10 mm, and this is a lot, there more for a 24 mm high drip.

The second feature touched the blowing. Blowing is three oblique or three vertical holes to choose from, so you have much more opportunities to realize zen on this drip. The airflow is adjusted by rotating the top of the body. Two versions of drip tips are available, both are wide. The first one is delrin wide, the second one is steel, narrower.

The connector is steel, 510, the center contact is adjustable and gold-plated, with a diameter of 22 mm the drip will fit any atomizer, it will not conflict with hybrid connectors.