Review of Triangle Tank – Smkon loves the trinity

Recently, devices running on three vaporizers are gaining popularity; our guest is among them and was developed by Smkon. The tank is distinguished by the fact that it has both RBA base and maintenance-free base for three vaporizers, called Triangle Tank.

Designers have worked hard and the design claims to be one of the most beautiful tanks of this year. The glass panes are made in the form of triangles and are well protected by the steel casing, but we still think that if you break one of them it will be very bad, so you should be VERY careful. The tank is 22mm in diameter and 64mm high, weighing in at 70 grams. vape devices in new zealand The color options are two black and steel. Personally, we are not even considering the steel version, but the black one looks very cool and aggressive.

The tank works both on replaceable vaporizers and with RBA base, both options for three spirals.”  We don’t know how convenient the maintenance is, but to install three vertical coils in a tank with a diameter of 22 mm will definitely not be so easy, here is a scheme of RBA base:

The maintenance is easier, there are two vaporizer options: 0.2 ohm and 0.5 ohm, the device comes with a 0.5 ohm version. The cost of a pack of four vaporizers will cost you about $8, not that much.

Capacity of the tank 4.2 ml, top filling and not very convenient due to the small size of the filling hole, fit only narrow spouts. The manufacturer assures that the tank has a protection against leaks, but the principle of its work I did not understand, maybe you will understand:

The pin is brass, floating, which will not allow you to use it on mech mods with a hybrid connector.

Well, let’s summarize. We would not say that the tank is interesting from the technical side, the base on three vaporizers is not so new, unless you want to get experience winding an RBA base on three vertical coils. We would personally use interchangeable vaporizers. But the visuals are very impressive, especially the black version, looks awesome. So we would take it just for the looks.