Review of Triad RDA by Asmodus

Finally something interesting! We will not rant and will immediately introduce you to our today’s guest. The Triad RDA from Asmodus boasts a unique base that we personally like a lot. We rejoice every time like a child when I see something different from the velocity base.

But let’s start with the exterior design. The design is clearly not the best of all that we have seen, but I can not call it terrible either. Especially stand out very unusual square-shaped airflow holes and a driptip with a heatsink, which would be better not to have.

The name Triad RDA slightly hints at something related to the number 3. We are talking about the trilosity stacks. In essence, they are the same as my much hated velocity racks, only they are designed not for 2, but for three vertical spirals. vape coils in new zealand We even calculated that in general here you can stick 6 vertical spirals, the main thing is not to overdo it with resistance. Horizontal spirals can also be installed, but do you need it?

Perhaps the best news is that the screws are slotted! So they will last you quite a long time.

The airflow is quite ordinary – side airflow. It is regulated by turning the drip top, there is even a knurling and an arrow with the direction. The drip tip is made of delrin, and the atomizer itself is made of stainless steel. There is a heatsink on the drip tip, which greatly deteriorates the visual component, but considering the three spirals should help. The center contact is made of copper, it sticks out quite well and is adjustable. There should be no problems with the use on hybrid connectors.

At the time of the review we told you not about the final version of the atomizer. It’s still being finalized and there might be some changes that we will tell you about. Nevertheless, we liked it a lot and we are looking forward to trying it out.