Review of three models of disposable PUFFMI

PUFFMI disposable are sold packaged in small cardboard boxes, almost the entire surface of which is filled with useful and mandatory information in Russian.

On the front there will definitely be the name of the model and its photo, the taste of the liquid poured in, a short list of the main features and a warning about addictive nicotine. The sides are given over to sales information; you can also find stickers with authentication codes and other identifying marks. The back side is filled with more detailed characteristics of the device, a description of the composition of the liquid, the manufacturer’s address and an indication of the expiration date.

Review of three models of disposable PUFFMI – protective package

Absolutely all disposable items except the cardboard box are packaged in branded plastic bags that can only be opened once. new zealand vape shop auckland To protect against accidental activation during storage and transportation, the lower edges are sealed with an easily removable film, and the holes in the mouthpieces are closed with silicone plugs.

PUFFMI design

The large, both in size and in the number of puffs is DURO9000. It is completely plastic, with a transparent glossy rim and matte panels decorated with crocodile skin. In addition to its huge volume, the model is notable for the presence of two lines of LEDs combined into a kind of screen. The four dots on each bar will show you the approximate amount of fluid left in the tank and the amount of charge available in the battery.

Medium in size – model DY4500. The design of the case is more sloping and rounded, it fits perfectly in a hand of any size and stands out from its competitors with a glossy top and a matte marble-painted bottom.

The smallest model, called MESHBOX MINI, simply amazes with its “smallness” and surprises with its half-metal body, although the top part is still made of glossy plastic.


The aroma of the steam is thick, there are slightly more raspberries than blueberries, but both berries are clearly recognizable and have no foreign shades in the smell. The taste is dense, rich and bright, there is a slight raspberry tartness on the inhale, which gives way to sourness on a deep puff, and then softens with a barely rough blueberry flavor on the exhale. The sweetness is above average, but reasonable, the aftertaste is rich and long.

Personal impressions

Three flavors out of three dozen are clearly not enough to fully get an idea of all the possibilities and mixes of PUFFMI. Let’s hope that in the future we will be able to get to know the products more closely and purposefully.