Review of Inflave Omega disposables. Anti-alpha

On the agenda is the newest of new products – Inflave Omega disposable 10,000 puffs, which should last for a long time.

Nothing new has appeared on the packaging, but let’s take a quick look at it. The front part is occupied by the names of the brand and line, there is an indication of the taste with a graphic hint (you can guess it from the components in the picture), the silhouette of the device is visible, as well as a reminder of the dangers of nicotine according to all the rules. new zealand vape shop christchurch On the right is a duplicate of the name of the line and the date of manufacture, on the left is the number of puffs (there are approximately 10,000 of them here) and QR codes for quick access to social networks. At the back there is traditionally expanded information: composition, liquid volume (14 ml), strength (2% salt nicotine), information about the manufacturer and importer, GOST and many certificate badges.

Inflave Omega 10000 disposable packaging

Inside the box we are greeted by a beautiful colored bag indicating the flavor in English (only the cardboard packaging is localized).

Now a few words about the device. The disposable item is of considerable size, elongated in shape, made of plastic. The surface has a pleasant coating, as well as some relief for more convenient use (which is debatable, but so be it). There are INFLAVE and OMEGA imprints on the sides so that we all don’t forget what exactly we are holding in our hands and who created it all. The central part is glossy black, with a screen at the bottom (more on that below) and duplication of the name of the taste.

The upper part is traditionally narrowed and covered with a silicone plug; below, under a protective sticker, there is a USB Type-C port for charging and an opening for air intake when tightening.


And a few words about such a curiosity as a small monochrome screen, similar to what we saw earlier on Inflave Pro. After each puff, the following appears on it: a battery indicator with a percentage indicator of the state of charge, and after that a “droplet” indicator and the percentage of liquid remaining. This way you can control both the battery level and the remainder of the full capacity of the built-in “tank”. By the way, there is no information about the battery capacity online, but I can say with confidence that it is more than enough for a day of measured vaping.

In general, the device turned out to be quite interesting, pleasant to the touch, well-assembled and with a claim to good autonomy in terms of durability. It’s time to taste it all.

Single-serve flavors Inflave Omega 10000

So, the entire line of new products consists of 25 recipes. I currently have access to 10 of them, so we try them and share our impressions.

Disposable Inflave Omega Bellini

Finally, the most unusual mix of all that was provided to me. You can easily find the recipe for this cocktail online, but I will try to describe our version to you in my own words. The first one is sweet, really sweet. Moreover, the sweetness is, you know, syrupy, as is customary in cocktails. The second is a fairly powerful and ripe peach, you still need to look for one, because the fruit gives a great boost to the overall concept of taste. Third, it’s slightly cool, which in principle is good in this case. Fourth – simply delicious overall, an excellent mix for lovers of interesting flavor solutions.


I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, products from INFLAVE are definitely like a certain level of trust, because these guys are doing better and better every time. And what they say is true: you can “raise” the bar, but you can’t always keep it. Everything is fine here so far, and the new Inflave Omega line is a prime example of this. The tastes of all the recipes were actually successful, the device itself is more than suitable for use, the innovation in the form of a screen – why not, the feature is clearly not superfluous. I think that everything is going in the right direction, and we will once again be able to enjoy something bright and new from this company.