Review of Moti Zip 7000. First look

This short article will be devoted to new disposable devices with great autonomy and stylish design from the manufacturer Moti – Zip 7000.

The well-known Chinese company Moti presented its new device in the format of a disposable electronic cigarette called Zip 7000. The device received a stylish appearance, as well as a decent supply of puffs.

Disposable electronic cigarettes Zip 7000 are made in a large plastic case and are endowed with an attractive appearance. vape devices in new zealand The main color scheme is black with color accents in the form of mouthpieces.

The battery pack of the new product contains a power source with a capacity of 2000 mAh without the possibility of charging. Activation of the voltage supply to the evaporator occurs immediately at the moment of tightening. The built-in evaporator on the grid is responsible for the production of steam and taste. The integrated cartridges are filled with a volume of 16 ml of liquid, the strength of which is 20 mg. The autonomy of one sample reaches 7000 puffs.

Characteristics of Moti Zip 7000:

Dimensions: 81.3 mm * 24.5 mm * 43.6 mm

Battery: 2000 mAh

Volume: 16 ml

Evaporator: Mesh Coil

Strength: 20 mg

7000 puffs

The cost of the device is unknown.