In today’s review we will look at a new product from the old-timers of vaping – the Doctor Grimes 5000 disposable from CYBERFOG. UPD The article has been updated with new devices – GOREDRINKER and LIGHTNINGS.

All text below is only an expression of private and subjective opinion; your idea of tastes may differ greatly from what is written below.

The devices are sold in small cardboard boxes decorated on all sides with a huge number of inscriptions. On the front side, in addition to the image of the device, the name, main characteristics and a warning about the nicotine contained inside are indicated; on the right there is a space for the production date (I have pre-production samples, so this is empty), the Grimes logo, a description of the Kaizen philosophy and the Japanese character that means it; on the left you can find the encrypted inscription Do not become the slave of repetition and a QR code leading to the manufacturer’s Telegram channel; on the back is traditionally the full name of the product, characteristics and numerous warnings and restrictions required by modern laws. vape dunedin There was also a place for the Honest Sign sticker, which in my case (again, I only have samples) is missing.

Doctor Grimes 5000 disposable packaging

Inside the box, the device is hidden in a plastic bag, transparent on one side and metallized on the back. For easy opening there are notches in the upper part; you can get to the disposable container without sharp objects.

Appearance and features of Doctor Grimes 5000 disposable shoes

If in the case of disposable 1500 puffs, which the manufacturer produced earlier, we were dealing with penstyle devices, then here we have another common option – a small box with a mouthpiece protruding from the top. On the front side of the case is decorated with one of the characters from the Doctor Grimes universe, illustrating the taste; on the back there are several pictograms and the already familiar inscription in grindcore style. The only thing missing here, as in previous one-offs, is the name of the seasoned mix. However, not all buyers are familiar with CYBERFOG liquids and devices.

Dimensions of Doctor Grimes 5000 disposable in hand

The device is not big and not small, the most convenient shape and just enough to easily fit in the palm of your hand without taking up much space in a bag or even a pocket. The matte coating of the central part provides excellent grip, and the disposable, despite its rounded shape, does not slip out of your hands.


The aroma from the device, although it has a distinct blueberry scent, is slightly herbaceous and at the same time has a familiar hint of invigorating lemonade. When puffed, the taste is sweet and sour, very reminiscent of an energy drink with various guarana and taurine fillers. Sometimes, when puffing, due to the sweetness, the berries in the aftertaste can give off an aroma that is more like blackberries. But although they are felt rather in the background during inhalation, they clearly appear at the very end of the puff and already in the aftertaste, where they become more natural. The energy drink turned out great, but the blueberries here, for my taste, are lacking.


Disposable Doctor Grimes 5000, in addition to becoming more “long-lasting,” compared to previous devices, pleased us with richer and more natural flavors. All mixes are bright, without chemicals, and at the same time, they are more reminiscent of the manufacturer’s liquids themselves, or rather, how they reveal themselves on “serious” devices. Now this is no longer “something based on”, but much more like Doctor Grimes mixes.