Review of disposable SMART 6000 from Coolplay

In this review, we will get acquainted with disposable electronic cigarettes of increased convenience called SMART 6000 from a company from China – CoolPlay.

Currently, the COOLPLAY Company produces disposable ENDS in five different series: SMART, TALOS, ROULETTE, AIRE and “everything else”. Four models of pods and two models of heating systems are also produced.

The SMART6000 model is produced in adapted packaging, in which almost everything is written in Russian and in accordance with current rules and regulations. new zealand vape shop It’s interesting that directly on the COOLPLAY website this model is designated as 7500, but we have 6000, apparently the sizes of the lungs are different in different regions and there are fewer breaths.

The front side of the package contains a mandatory warning about addictive nicotine, above will be the name and taste, a photo of the device and a separate screen image. On the sides there are also pictures with one-off cards showing the taste profile and a photo of the device, and on the back there is all the mandatory and necessary information: purpose, technical characteristics of the product, warnings and restrictions, manufacturer’s address, links to social profiles, certificate icons and a sales barcode.

The body of the disposable is made of metal, more precisely made of light alloy and then painted in different colors, depending on taste. But its shape is quite clever, curved and flask-like. It is for this reason that I called the stick convenient at the very beginning; carrying it in your jeans pocket will be as comfortable as possible. The second level of convenience is provided by a small screen at the bottom. This is generally the main feature of all SMART devices.

The bottom edge with the charging port and the top cover are plastic, but inside the case there is a battery, a tank of liquid, a charging controller board and a noise sensor, which is activated when you inhale and turns on the device.

On the body of the disposable clothing there will necessarily be not only the name of the model, but also its taste. The screen itself, although small, shows the battery charge and the remaining liquid as a percentage (with an accuracy of 1 percent). The indication will be after each puff, for the first with a lightning mark, and for liquid – with a drop mark.

During charging, the device consumes a current of slightly less than one Ampere and shows how much it has already been charged. What’s convenient is that you can hover without removing the cable, pastru is implemented.


Sweet and aromatic peppermint, with slight hints of bubblegum, but without a cloying or spicy menthol hit or too much coldness. An ideal option if you just need to vape and move nicotine into the body, and not clog your taste buds. Well, freshness in your mouth will be a given.

Personal impressions of SMART 6000

Unfortunately, I do not have data on the price at which these disposables will be sold, but if it is within reasonable values, I can safely recommend purchasing and vaping. The tastes, although quite simple, are well balanced, without excesses with excessive sweetness or extreme concentration of flavors that burn out your receptors in a couple of minutes. You can safely vape disposables without fear that the taste will quickly get boring.

Well, once again I focus on the little things that individually seem insignificant, but together they create that very atmosphere of convenience. It’s about a slightly curved body and a small screen that accurately shows the battery charge and the approximate amount of liquid left in the tank.