Review of SAMPLE Alkaline Liquid

In this review, I will talk about the craft rebirth of ChelLab, which took the form of rich old-school alkaline nicotine e-liquids – SAMPLE from SAMPLE. From now on and forever.

Briefly about the main thing: bottle volume – 60 or 100 milliliters, base strength of alkaline nicotine – 0-12 mg/ml, VG/PG – 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30.

SAMPLE liquid container and label

The liquid is sold in darkened soft Unicorns with the usual thin dropper, child protection and a tamper evident ring.

The label is simple, if not primitive, but it carries a sufficient set of information for the user.

Testing and tastes of liquid SAMPLE

I tested all mixes with a strength of 6 mg/ml alkaline nicotine with a VP/PG ratio of 50/50 on an MTL-drip Auguse Era RDA with a nichrome fuse resistance of 0.74 Ohm and Innokin Kroma R in VW Hard mode with a power from 18 W to 24 W . new zealand vape Before each new taste, the drip tip was washed, the coil was burned through, the cotton wool was replaced with fresh one, and I took a relaxing half-hour break.


Sweet fluffy peach with citrus – not the simplest aroma, but rich and easy to read. Peach pulp and lemon juice are shaded with a small amount of either woody caramel limes, or vanilla, or both. The smell is bright and appetizing, but not chemically, as is often the case, but close to natural. However, there are almost no typical soda accents in the aroma, and sometimes there are echoes of jam and jam. But it’s not that important, is it?

General impressions and top

SAMPLE is reminiscent of niche perfumery. Not with aromas, of course, but with a structure that reveals itself and fills you gradually, slowly and with some kind of detached dignity. To fully understand your attitude to the mix, you will have to evaporate not one or two milliliters of liquid, but a whole dozen. Here “you will not only get drunk, but also get full.” Is it worth it? Costs.

Attempts to write at least something intelligible other than the word “gorgeous” turn into failure and return me to a hackneyed, but perfectly suitable term. Gorgeous, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (exclusively 18+!), Sirs and their companions. We are waiting for the expansion of the line and enjoying it.

By the way, here are the most likely candidates for the future drop: tobacco with blackberries, cheesecake with coconut, strawberries with guava and lime, green tea with jasmine and lemon, and, of course, strawberries with cream.

Let’s not drool over the probable future for now, but focus on the present! Tonight’s top picks are as follows: OAK BLUEBERRY and TOBACCO PISTACHIO are tied for third place, PEACH LEMONADE and APPLE PIE sit in second, and TOBACCO CHERRY and TOBACCO GRANOLA take first place.

The Grand Prix, as you might have guessed, goes to my favorite – TOBACCO COCOA. That’s it now.