Review of RHYTHM AND VAPE liquid from Vape Music Records

In this review, I will introduce our readers to the RHYTHM AND VAPE line of sweet mixes based on salt nicotine from Vape Music Records.

After the release of the sour line Vape’olution! mixologists from Vape Music Records were drawn to sweets. We didn’t have to wait long, and after just a few months a new line of RHYTHM AND VAPE began to appear on store shelves. Also with hints of musical performers, which, given the name of the manufacturer, is not surprising at all.

The design of the boxes remains as bright and varied, but in the central part of the composition there are now very recognizable elements in which an experienced vaper can easily recognize musical idols. I won’t give complete analogies; everyone’s idols are different, but for those who doubt it, there is a description for each taste.

The containers used were the usual bottles made of dark plastic in the Unicorn format, with child-resistant lids and a first-opening control system. moti vape The label is plastic, bright and elegant, containing, despite a rather large warning about the addictive nicotine, all the necessary information along the edges, the recognizable VMR logo in the center, a drawing, the name of the taste, volume, certificate icons, VG / PG ratio, nicotine content, address manufacturer, QR matrix and even decoding.

Testing RHYTHM AND VAPE liquid

All flavors of RHYTHM AND VAPE liquids were tested on the SX Nano autosquonker from YiHi SXmini.

This liquid contains a lot of salt nicotine 2% (20 mg/cm3), we do not recommend vaping it on devices with high power and with a loose draw, especially considering that it feels stronger!

Let’s start with the classic – a mixture of strawberries and bananas. The aroma from the bottle is really sweet, but at first impressions it is banana that dominates. Strawberry notes come to the top after exhalation and remain suspended in the air for a long time. Especially if you are not vaping outdoors.

At first sniff, the taste seemed to me not like a mixture of two berries, but like a rich and sweet caramel, thick and dark, whipped until soft. After a couple of puffs, the sweetness did not diminish at all, but the caramelity was curbed, and the tastes declared by the mixologists began to come to the fore: soft banana and strawberry jam.

General impressions and conclusions from Vape Music Records mixes

Review of VAPE MUSIC RECORDS liquids

Unfortunately, I didn’t try the first sour line. But I definitely liked the second one, which is sweet. Even taking into account the fact that I don’t particularly like overly sweet tastes, here the mixologists managed to achieve a balance between the sensation of sweetness and the absence of cloying. You can safely pour absolutely any bottle into your vape and not worry about the good taste.

Of the outright quibbles, which I cannot remain silent about, I will only note the absence of a cooler in the orange ice cream. There’s nothing more to complain about.

Personal top:

MANGO DREAM (Sweet mango sorbet)

SMOKE COMET (Yogurt with peach and passion fruit)

SWEET VAPES (Strawberry Banana Mousse) and VAPE WITH ME (Currant and Blackberry Gum)

PEACH GRENADE (Sweet pear lemonade)

VAPERADO (Orange ice cream)