Review of New tobacco Size Tab and Size XL from Size Lab

Briefly about the main thing. Size Tab: bottle volume – 100 milliliters, base strength of alkaline nicotine – 3, 6, 9 and 12 mg/ml, VG/PG – 50/50. Size XL: bottle volume – 60 milliliters, base strength of alkaline or salt nicotine – 3, 6, 9 and 12 mg/ml, and 20 mg/ml or 20 Hard, respectively, VG/PG – 50/50. In addition, both lines are available in a nicotine-free version.

I tested tobacco mixes Size Tab and Size XL with a strength of 6 mg/ml on an Auguse Era RDA MTL drip with a nichrome fuse resistance of 0.74 Ohm and Innokin Kroma R in VW Hard mode at a power of 16 W to 22 W. mech mods in new zealand Before each new taste, the drip tip was washed, the coil was burned through, the cotton wool was replaced with fresh one, and I took a relaxing hour-long break.

Size Tab – Twip (Nuts, Oil, Tobacco)

The aroma is strange, but interesting. This is a thick honey-sauce tobacco with a dense bready base, a noticeable amount of florality, a grain of unidentified nuts and a creamy accent. Nut and tobacco jam on crispy toast with a piece of butter, if you really let your imagination go.

Size Tab – Yard (Coffee, Tobacco)

The rich, barely sweet aroma is permeated with ash, dark caramel and an interweaving of fruit and herbal acids. Burning, meaty, it is much heavier than the smell of a typical Vienna roast coffee bean. Thick, like triple espresso in a single volume of water, and viscous, like a tobacco leaf drenched in syrup and molasses.

I approve it.  Despite global statistics and data on the taste preferences of vapers, tobacco mixes still occupy a decent share of the liquid market, and this is encouraging. Not only because I myself adore tobacco, but also because every person has the right to enjoy the taste that he likes. Not a burnt-out chemical plant called “cigarette”, but a variety of halftones and shades with a single name – the taste of tobacco.