Review of the Griffin RTA by Geekvape

Once again I welcome you in my review of the Griffin RTA tank from Geekvape which recently arrived to our store. As always, I will tell you more about it and my experience with it.

Griffin RTA by Geekvape

The tank comes in a cardboard box wrapped in plastic wrap. Inside this box is a plastic case in which the tank meets us. On top of that there is also a spare glass. Geekvape are those lovers who like to hide all the extras in a secret compartment on the back side of the box. On it is located and scratch code to check the originality and completeness of the tank. The package is very generous including the tank itself, wide mouthpiece, spare glass, 510 thread adapter and repair kit consisting of hexagon, screws and endings.

I don’t see much about the design, as I said in my announcement. The only thing that stands out is the wide driptip, the engraving on the topcap and the griffin engraving on the dome. It is available in two colors black and steel, I prefer unequivocally the first option (but I got the steel L for review). The height of the tank with the driptip is 58.5 mm and diameter is 22 mm, weight is 59 grams. This tank is too tall for me, but overall the dimensions are pretty standard for a 22mm tank. Although the tank does not stand out, it looks pretty good on all my devices, here are some examples:

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Rig v2

Griffin RTA from Geekvape

Noisy cricket

Xcube2″ 160w

Although the device is boring in appearance, its functionality is impressive. Now let’s get down to the technical side and start with the base. Base is in style Velocity and has wide, handy holes with diameter 1,2 mm, it is certainly not 2 mm, but my favorite fusible klepton from 0.4 kantal wrapped with 0.1 nichrome will fit in here with plenty of reserve. And what can you expect from a 22mm diameter tank, quite normal. The absorbent cotton is placed in the grooves and pressed with a special ring, very similar to the Billow v2, except that the ring is very thin to set it much more convenient, and the wool itself, I had no problems stacking, the size of the base allows it to do.

On top of everything else there is a mechanism to adjust the liquid flow without disassembling the tank and adjust by turning the tank body, which rotates in both directions and thereby changes the size of the grooves on the skirt of the dome.

Blowing is quite usual lateral and adjustable and consists of two holes that are located on both sides of the base, to the winding air comes from the bottom of the coil. Regulated blowing protruding from the body ring blowing control.

Filling the tank is very convenient, the top just unscrewed the lid, poured and screwed back. The size of the holes allows you to fill from a bucket. The volume of the tank is not very large and is 3.5 ml, but thanks to the convenient filling it is not such a big problem.

Griffin RTA by Geekvape

It’s time to tell you about my experience with the tank. The only downside that I found while using the tank was that I could not disassemble the top of the tank, without improvised means to do this is very difficult, but hopefully you will not have to unwrap it often. Pluses are many: easy refill, base, airing, adjusting the liquid supply, very tasty, full-bodied, in short, not for nothing tank immediately broke into the first place in sales. Definitely recommend to buy, at the moment it is one of the best in all parameters tank. To buy Geekvape Griffin RTA you can in our online store.