Review of Damnation RDA by Fumytech

Glad to present you the new product by Fumytech who have long been in the vape market and are known primarily for the stylistic component of their devices, for example, not so long ago they released their custom mechmod Orgrim, made in the style of World of warcraft, and today I will tell you about a good receiver aforementioned mechmodu, though in a slightly different style and honed under the squonk – Damnation RDA drip.

General Info

Damnation RDA is handmade, for two spirals and firstly it is dedicated for the satisfaction of the needs of the amateurs of the custom onions in their devices. The device has very comfortable base and the best, in my opinion, bottom airflow, so I can assure you about the taste orientation of the device.

The equipment set

Damnation RDA drip

4 spirals



Spare screws, fingerings and springs

Squonk pin (no regular pin!!!)

e-liquids in new zealand


Overall, I think the extras have absolutely everything you might need if something doesn’t go according to plan. I think the most important thing is spare springs, as out of the box springs are usually harder to find than bolts and fingerings. Without the squonk pin this vape would be a flop because at the moment the most popular niche of custom vapes are mechanical squonks. I think their owners will get the most popularity, but I wouldn’t use it on hybrid connectors and boards without a regular pin, there is too much risk of leakage.


The main thing I would like to focus on is the design of the drip. There are only two variants, but let’s not forget that the design is handmade, so I won’t give a minus for it. The first option is gold with silver skull and green driptip, the second is silver with gold skull and brown driptip. On the dome there are mirrored skulls and crossed rifles. The whole thing is very reminiscent of a pirate theme. At first I thought the blowing was sideways and the blow hole was located in the mouthpiece, but was disappointed that it wasn’t, because stylistically it would have been the bomb! The blow holes are located underneath the rifles. It is very important to say that the design of Damnation RDA is fully embossed and handmade, so the diameter in some places greatly exceeds the base diameter of 24 mm. The dripping is very similar to Shegi’s and made by hand as well and here their huge minus is that they are not 810, so if you lose one, you won’t find a replacement for it quickly. The diameter is smaller than 810, which also suggests the flavor orientation of the drip.

Base, Blow Out and Usage Features

The Damnation RDA base is a masterpiece of construction, of course, in my subjective opinion. Everything is perfect with just three racks, the center one with a pressure plate. The size of the base allows you to put almost anything here without any problems. But there is still an uncomfortable moment – when you install spirals in the central stand inexperienced vapers may have problems with how to clamp the legs so that one of them would not fly out. The answer is simple, start with the central one using 2 screwdrivers, and then clamp the side ones.

The blowing is lower, regulated by turning the dome relative to the base and has a medium to large size, so I would recommend to use a winding no longer than the length of the blowing and open it to the maximum. If you use too short a winding, it can severely damage the flavor transfer because most of the air will fly past the winding, despite the reduction of the air inlet.

The tub is quite small because of the bottom blowhole, but the squonk pin can fix this problem and add a new one at the same time. There is no regular pin on the drip, so I wouldn’t use it with hybrid connectors unless I could seal the hole with something like a toothpick. It’s funny but I did it and it works and getting it out is not a problem.


Fumytech brought a great piece to the world of customization, which has a lot to show. The appearance, though a bit of an amateur, but at first glance will not leave anyone indifferent. Delightfully comfortable, for me, base and bottom airing with spherical dome treatment and diptip a little bit of already accustomed to all 810’s allows me to say with full confidence that the drip is primarily tasteful. And of course we shouldn’t forget that the whole design is completely handmade, which of course affects the price.

Pros and cons


Handmade, castoff-style design

Perfect base in my opinion

Lower blowdown and overall flavor orientation


Not the 810 driptip.

Bottom blow without the proper skill = hands in the liquid

No regular pin (although this can be fixed)

Price (handmade can’t be cheap)