Review of the Cuboid 200w by Joyetech

Today we are reviewing Cuboid 200w from Joyetech. I want to mention right away that the mod is 150w, but you can flash it up to 200w without any problem!


Open the box and we see the very mod, under it there are instructions, warranty card with a scratch-code to verify the originality and micro-usb cable


The device is available in three colors: black, steel and gray, as you may have noticed we have the black version. The device has a compact size and looks very stylish, strict and beautiful. On the bottom of the device is a hinged access cover for two batteries 18650. There are no magnets in it, but there is a latch, which copes with its task very well. On the side is the Fire button, it is very convenient and comfortable to use with both thumb and forefinger. On the opposite side is located micro-usb jack, it is on the level with the Fire button. Part of the front side is made of dark glass, under which is very large and very informative display. Located below are the adjustment buttons ” + and – “. “It is worth noting a feature of the information display – it shows the charge of each battery separately and shows the current strength. Well as there are all the usual atomizer resistance, voltage and power. As I said before, the mod is very compact with a size of 91.5x42x28 mm.” The connector is steel, with a spring-loaded pin, and has cutouts for bottom blowing.

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Cuboid with different atomizers: Petri clone, Velocity “ “,, Sapor, Billow v2

It looks great with any atoms, of course the steel one would look better with the steel mod, but I didn’t have it at the time of the review, so just take my word for it.

Now let’s talk about the technical side.

It’s possible to flash it up to 200w but with 2 accords it won’t deliver that much power even with fully charged acces and I think this is not really expedient.

Maintained resistance is pretty much standard – from 0.1 to 3.5 ohm in varivat mode and from 0.05 to 1.5 ohm in thermocontrol mode.

Thermocontrol is available on nickel, titanium and stainless steel with temperature limits of 100 to 315* Celsius and 200 to 600 Fahrenheit.

Also possible to set TC factor manually and store up to 3 presets

Powered by 2 battery 18650 which can be recharged via micro-usb


As a result we have an excellent, very competitive device of small size for a great price, which by its capabilities will suit any professional vaporizer. You can buy it in our store.

Technical specifications and equipment


Material: zinc-based alloy

Height: 91.5 mm

Width: 42 mm

Thickness: 28mm

Power Control Range: 1 to 150W (up to 200W after firmware upgrade)

Supported Resistances:

0.05 to 1.5 “Omega; in” thermal control mode

0.1 to 3.5 “Omega; in varivat mode

Supports thermal control on:” nickel, titanium and stainless steel

Temperature range: 100 to 315 degrees Celsius, 200 to 600 Fahrenheit

Battery: 18650 – 2 pcs (to be purchased separately)


Joyetech Cuboid mod

USB cable


Warranty card