Review of Bonza kit by Vandy Vape

Vandy vape is on the crest of a wave and their devices are very popular due to their low cost and very good quality. I myself have been using the Pulse kit for over half a year now and can’t get enough of it. Well, recently the guys released their first full-fledged mechmod and put it on the market together with the already released Bonza RDA. They decided not to cheat with the name and called it after the drip – Bonza kit.

General information

Bonza kit is a starter kit for mech mods consisting of Bonza rda 1.5 and Bonza mech mod. Mhmod with a hybrid connector is sharpened under the batteries 20700 and 21700, and at the expense of the adapter, can work on a battery in 18650. The drip with side blowing and two racks has been on sale for a long time and has found its fans. At the moment, it is not known whether the mechmod will be sold separately, so while it can only be bought in a bundle with a drip.

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Since Bonza kit set, the equipment here is not small, as there are two devices. The kit includes:

Bonza mech mod

Bonza rda 1.5

Rubber adapter for 18650 batteries

Additional spring for the button

510dripping adapter

Extra 810dripping


Extra O-rings and screws for my stripper

You won’t believe the squonk pin

Instruction manual

Warranty card from the manufacturer

All in all a very good piece of kit and very nice and unexpectedly in a kit with a hybrid mechmode, the drip comes with an extra squonk pin. I would venture to guess that this is most likely due to the popularity of squonks and VV did not remove the squonk pin from the standard Bonza RDA kit.


The design of the mechmod is made completely in the style of the drip, in this respect we can say that VV cheated a little, as well as with the choice of colors. In total there are two color options for the kits: black and copper and all-steel. Although Bonza rda has a bit more color variations when you buy it separately, they didn’t offer this choice to the mechmod.

A distinctive feature of the Bonza line is the skull. It is present on both the flush of the mechmod and on the drip. The top and bottom parts of the mehmod have a fully copied chain from the dome of the drip. It looks good, but I still have some thoughts about the shoddy design. The black version is made of copper, but what is the steel version made of? I don’t know, because my choice was copper version, but if it is made of steel, it will be too much worse than copper version in terms of conduction. I hope that there is some secret hidden inside that balances out this problem. I would also like to note that given the variety of the drip palette, I think the emergence of new bows in the mech mod is a matter of time. Another very important feature of the paint is its roughness. As a lover of polished copper tubes and the owner of sweaty hands, I will tell you that it is very convenient because the mechmod does not slip in your hand.

The base, the blowing and other features of the drip

The vape has a diameter of 24mm, two racks and a side adjustable blow-off

Let’s start with the base. We have 2 racks, 2 holes and 2 pressure plates. I can’t say that this option is convenient for me personally, but it will save a lot of space and allow you to place longer windings here.

Bathtub is 9 mm deep, it holds about 2 ml of liquid which is good if you use it with squirts, chances to leak liquid from all the slots is very small.

Blowing is a lot of holes that you can adjust both horizontally and vertically, which adds a lot of variability when using windings.

Separately I would like to highlight the gorgeous colors of the diptips made of resin material. Additionally I’d like to mention the resin styling of the 810 draws.

Now about the most important mechmode. First of all I would like to mention again the omnivorousness of the mechmode’s power supply. It works with almost all possible popular batteries 18650 (with adapter), 20700 and 21700. Diameter mehmod about 25-26 mm (measurements were not carried out), which tells us about the thick walls, and in the mechanics is the most important thing after the button. The only disadvantage of this thickness is the 24 mm drip, which will create a step.

The connector is hybrid and this is good because it is very easy and unpretentious to clean.

The mechmod has a threaded connection in the center and to replace the battery you will need to unscrew it.

The plus and minus contacts are equipped with rubber insulating gaskets, the lower of which is responsible for adjusting the height of the battery, so you can forget about the constant tightening of any parts: put the acum, screw it in and forget it.

Also between the battery and the walls of the mechmod there is an additional layer of insulation. As far as I understand you can not worry about safety, because mechmod can work even with batteries without shrink wrap due to this amount of insulation. But it is not worth to check it more than once. Also for safety in the button there are holes for gas escape as well as in the bottom of the mechmod.

The button itself has only silver plating and the ability to work on the spring or magnet. I would choose the magnet because it is more reliable and the spring needs to be cleaned. Also the button does not have a permanent contact, so periodically you will have to clean both the button and the batteries. It is not difficult to get it out for cleaning, but I would recommend cleaning the silvered contact part with a very soft sponge so as not to remove the silver layer.


Well, summing up, I would like to say that the only drawback that personally I am hurt by two color variants, while the steel version of the pipe material steel, which strongly loses in conductivity and automatically puts it on the second plan, and the drip has a huge variety of color palettes, but in the kit only two options. The developers promised a brass version, and that’s what I’m waiting for. Otherwise I think it’s a great mechkit to start your acquaintance with mechmods. A huge amount of isolation and holes to vent the gases from the battery will give you complete peace of mind. It is also nice that Vandy vape keeps up with the times and makes mechmods for more powerful 20700 and 21700 rechargeable batteries without forgetting about good old 18650.



Great for beginners.

High level of safety

Variability in the use of batteries and automatic height adjustment

Thick walls of mechmod and silvered contact plate (low drawdown)

Easy to clean threads and button

Hybrid connector (for non beginners)

Works at full power



Hybrid connector (more of a minus for beginners)

Two color choices, one of which is made of steel

For now mehmod is sold only with a drip kit