Review of GLM V3 Clone mechmod

No matter how much the skeptics would rant, saying that mechanical mods are a bygone stage or old-school, which is not worthy of attention, but they have been selling, are selling and will continue to sell. Naturally, not every vaper is ready to tinker with them and take care of them (and without it normal work does not work), but this does not mean that they can be put away in a distant box with the words rest in peace, bro. It should be said right away that mechanical mods are not for beginners who decided to switch to the light side; such devices are only for vapers with experience, who know Ohm’s law and observe all safety requirements. On the shelves of stores already not to meet that abundance of mechmods, as it was not so long ago, but this does not mean that manufacturers do not produce them. One of the clearest examples of this is Get Low Mods, which introduced the updated GLM 3-series not so long ago. “Those vapers who monitor the market are well aware of the prices of the original mechmods (not everyone can afford them), giving preference to their exact copies. GLM V3 Clone mechmod is a perfectly made copy of the original device from Get Low Mods, but much cheaper.

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General Information

Mechmod GLM V3 Clone is an exact copy of the original device made in a classic for mechmods form factor designed to use the standard battery and has a button on the spring. The important peculiarity of this model comparing to the previous ones is that the manufacturer decided to make the mechmod more compact for easy use. For safe use there is a fuse, turning it locks the button. To the delight of many vapers this device is available in six colors white, blue, brass and copper (unpainted),” red and black, so there is plenty to choose from.

Equipment set

Those vapers who have had experience using mechanical mods are well aware that very rare manufacturers offer their devices with something special or supernatural. And if they do, the price of such devices is exorbitant. But Mechmod GLM V3 Clone comes in a cardboard box, inside of which you can find:

GLM V3 Clone mechanical mod;


Appearance and design

The most important feature of the mechanical mods of many manufacturers is a unique recognizable design,” by which you can immediately determine who designed it. And Mechmod GLM V3 Clone is not an exception, because you can immediately see the characteristic lines and shape of previous models with narrowed center and widening bottom and top. On the side surface of the mechmod there are specific and no less recognizable drop-shaped recesses.

The taper in the center is slightly displaced upwards which makes the mod fit perfectly between your index finger and thumb. It is worth to note the small height of GLM V3 Clone it is 77,7 mm, and such dimensions can boast far not mehmod.

The seat diameter is 24mm, so you can install almost all popular drips on it without much trouble. In order to prevent the drip from sticking while in use, there is a small border, which does not limit the choice of atomizer in relation to the length of the pin.

Button and design features

GLM V3 Clone is made of copper or brass, in order to maximize the conductivity, so it has enough tangible weight (do not forget to take care of your device properly and on time).

The button is made according to the classic design and consists of a pusher, spring and spacer with silver plating. Naturally this design is not new, but it is time tested and very easy to care for. The peculiarity of this model is that the pusher is combined with the body, so the lower part of the mod is a button that rubs against the unpainted part of the mechmod.

On the button has one hole that does not allow the formation of vacuum inside the device, which is very convenient. Separately, it is worth noting the presence on the button lock, which excludes accidental pressing, which simply need to be turned counterclockwise.

Conclusions and impressions

The GLM V3 Clone mechanical mod is a device for experienced vapers who know exactly what to do with it. The device is made qualitatively, costs cheap, has a simple design, but requires (like all mechmods) proper care and maintenance.

Advantages and disadvantages


A little play on the button;

The fine thread on the button;

The gap between the button and the body can get dirty.


Small size;

Relatively light weight;

Minimal misfire;

Easy care;

Button lock;

Automatic adjustment to the length of the pin of the drip;

Works at full power