Review of El Thunder 21700 Elements mechmod

You hear enough from famous reviewers and vapers with experience that vaping is dying and vaping is not the same. Naturally, the kind of hype that was there a couple of years ago is gone, but this does not mean that the popularity of vaping devices has dropped. Many manufacturers have turned their main attention to POD systems, maintenance-free tanks and box mods with smart boards. It would seem that mechanical mods are no longer relevant, but not all vapers are willing to give up a piece of brass pipe with a simple button that closes the circuit. It is for such vapers that the famous Russian company Viva La Cloud continued its well-known El Thunder series with the new mechmod El Thunder 21700 Elements. Not so long ago the light saw El Thunder 21700 that was very liked by vapers, so it was decided to release a limited edition series Elements. The peculiarity of this series is a unique design of mehmod that allows the vaper to get an original device that will please with its performance.

General information

El Thunder 21700 Elements is a mechanical mod that is designed to use three sizes of batteries, made of high quality brass, equipped with a collet system and a button on the spring. The main attention the manufacturer paid to the appearance of the mod, making it original and somewhat non-standard, due to which it is also very convenient to use. The mod is made of high quality brass, so you can maximize the conductivity of the device. This model uses a very simple button with silvered contacts, thanks to which the number of microcircuits is minimal. Buy El Thunder 21700 Elements is available in four respective versions Fire, Earth, Water and Wind.

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For many vapers the usual way of mehmod kitting is just one device and maybe a manual, but Viva La Cloud decided to go a little different way they kitted up the new mehmod more than worthy. In the branded bamboo tube you can find:

El Thunder 21700  mechmod Elements;

Three card adapters for three battery sizes;

Two spacers for 18650 and 20700 batteries;

User’s Manual.

Appearance and Design

Viva La Cloud products are well known not only to domestic vapers, with the most famous device being the El Thunder mechmod, which is considered one of the best-selling in its class. The release of a mechmod that will work with 20700 and 21700 battery formats was a matter of time, and the company released it. After the success of the El Thunder 21700 device, it was decided to release a limited edition El Thunder 21700 Elements.

The peculiarity of this series is design, which obviously was made by Viva La Cloud creative designers. Instead of a simple painted brass tube, the vaper gets an originally designed mechmod. On the side surface of the device there is a deep engraving in the form of swirling bands around the main part of the device. Such a design is interesting because El Thunder 21700 Elements sits perfectly in the hand and does not slip out, even if you take it with a wet hand.

The manufacturer provides four versions of mod design, stylized for the four elements of fire, water, earth and air. The main difference between the design is the color of the paint used, which, by the way, is applied quite a decent layer, so you can be sure that the paint will not rub off. The diameter of El Thunder 21700 Elements is 25 mm, but to the top it decreases and on the landing pad is 24 mm, so no problems with the choice of the dripper.

This mechmod works with three battery sizes 21700/20700/18650, and for the work of the latter in the kit there is a special spacer. It is worth noting that the kit includes three card adapters that are installed inside the mod and are designed to keep the batteries inside it without hanging around.

Button and usage features

El Thunder 21700 Elements has slightly redesigned the button, but it still uses the collet system familiar to many vapers, which reduces the transient resistance and allows the button to press evenly over the entire area.

The design of the button is such that the spring does not take part in the contact, as it is located under the pin and is completely covered by it. Due to the fact that there is constant contact between the collet blades and the contact group, the amount of carbon deposits is minimal, and it is very easy to get rid of it, just sink the pin in the pusher and turn it a few times.

It is worth to say that due to the simple design the button is most reliable and allows to minimize the current loss, which is very positive for the performance of the device.

Conclusions and impressions

El Thunder 21700 Elements is a worthy continuator of Viva La Cloud mechmods series, which is sure to please many vapers who want to get an exclusive device. We can confidently say that due to its design and the possibility of using batteries of different sizes you can get not only performance, but also autonomy.

Advantages and disadvantages


Relatively high price;

25 mm diameter drips look illogical.


Unique design;

High quality of execution;

Excellent ergonomics;

Collet system;

Simple and reliable button;

Minimal amperage loss;

Excellent performance.