Review of El Thunder 20700 mechmod

No matter how skeptics say that mechanical mods are past evolution or old-school, they are still popular. And no matter what smart box mods have been invented, mechmods remain exemplary devices that allow you to get the classic coil current flow circuit. It is worth saying right away that mechmods should only be used by experienced vapers who have a good understanding of Ohm’s law and know what dangers can await in case of improper use of such devices.

On the Russian market now there are several companies that produce decent mechanical mods, but one of the first is rightly considered Viva La Cloud”. Mechmod El Thunder immediately after its appearance became one of the leaders in sales, as vapers got an inexpensive, but reliable and productive device. The developers of the company, inspired by the success of the Thunder, decided to release its older brother – El Thunder 20700. As it is clear from the name, the feature of this mechmod is the possibility of using 20700 batteries, which allows increasing the current output and autonomy of the device.

General Info

Mechmod El Thunder 20700 is a classic mechanical mod, capable of working with two formats of batteries, unique collet system button and minimal current loss. The ability to use two types of batteries allows to make this mod a universal solution for many vapers, giving not only increased current output, but also autonomy. One of the chips is the unique collet system of the button, which creates a permanent and self-cleaning contact in which neither the spring, nor the cap, nor the threads take part. El Thunder 20700 is available in four colors black, white, green and pure brass.

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It is natural to expect that the company Viva La Cloud something surprised in the complete set of their mechmod, as mechmod is one of the most devices in vaping. But in the familiar to many vapers wooden package, resembling a scroll, you can find:

El Thunder 20700 mechanical mod;

Adapter for 18650 batteries;

Spacers with thickness of 4,2 and 3 mm;

User’s Manual.

Appearance and Construction

Not to say that fans of mechanical mods that their devices are works of art, but a pipe made of metal in very rare cases can be something supernatural. But El Thunder 20700 is not just a polished pipe, but rather a complex geometric design with thickenings at the top and bottom. In the middle the diameter is slightly reduced, which makes the mod more comfortable to use. There are three convex rings in the center to keep the device from slipping.

The diameter of the mechmod is 26 mm, and this is due to the fact that it uses 20700 batteries. If you want or not 20700, you can confidently install 18650 with a special adapter. The diameter of the dripper is 24 mm, so you will not have any problems or questions about the atomizer.

El Thunder 20700 is made of brass L63 which has minimal resistance, which is very important for mechanical mods, drawdowns are almost imperceptible. Mods are painted with special powder paint (except for brass version) which is applied with 0,15 mm layer, and this is a serious request for durability. It is worth noting that the paint has a rough surface, which is very convenient during the operation of the mod will not slip, even if you take it with a wet hand.

Button and features of operation

Even since the first version of the Thunder, many vapers have been able to appreciate the collet system, which is unique in its kind. In El Thunder 20700 the petals are slightly changed, but it had a beneficial effect on the performance, as the contact patch is increased by 10%. The principle of how the button works has not changed; it goes into the petals and creates a constant contact in which no spring, cap or threads are involved. At the same time the contacts self-cleaning, so that the button maintenance is minimal.

An important feature of the button is that it is not blocked, but due to its slightly recessed design accidental pressing it is practically impossible. The button consists of a button, a spring and a plastic spacer with a silver-plated washer in the center, and depending on the vaper’s preferences you can change it, thus adjusting the length of movement when pressing it. The battery is installed with the plus contact downwards – it is worth remembering about it.

Conclusions and impressions

Mechmod El Thunder 20700 is a device that should definitely be in the collection of every experienced vaper, as such devices require special attention during operation. The mod works stably well, requires minimal maintenance and is versatile with respect to the use of different types of batteries. And, most importantly, it roasts.

Advantages and disadvantages


Rings in the center of the mod is not to everyone’s liking;

No button locking;

The stem of the button without silver, so after a certain period of use it appears on the fouling points.


High quality workmanship;

Pleasant to the touch durable coating;

Permanent contact;

The button in the process of work does not warp;

Works with two types of batteries;

The thread and spring are not involved in the circuit;

The contact is self-cleaning.