Review of Nanosmoke Mini hookah

Hardly anyone would argue that hookah has long turned from an exotic gift from Turkey or Central Asia into a real cult, as fans of flavorful hookah tobacco. Today everyone can buy hookah in Moscow just enough to look for your favorite model on the Internet or go to a specialized store. But at the same time there is an interesting trend more and more hookah lovers prefer not the traditional models, but more compact and modern modifications. This is especially true for those who want to have a hookah at home, and a bulky device will just get in the way. St. Petersburg Company Nanosmoke not once pleased its customers with original and non-standard models, which are made in a modern style, and at the same time as tasty and pungent. One of these compact models is Nanosmoke Mini, which is a great option for those looking for a small hookah for home that can please with the ease of operation and taste characteristics. An important feature of this hookah is a modern design, which allows you to change the look of the hookah, but does not change its essence.

General information

Nanosmoke Mini is a compact waterpipe, made in a modern style, but with the full performance of a classic hookah, which can be assembled and smoked immediately after purchase. Important feature of this model is the transparent body in the form of a vertical parallelepiped, made of Plexiglas, which has excellent durability. In order to make it as easy and convenient for smokers to use this hookah, it is equipped with a silicone bowl and cauldron, so you can start buying it almost immediately. The use of a medical silicone hose and a glass tube will allow you to get a quality smoke without foreign flavors.

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Appearance and Design

When you look at the Nanosmoke Mini for the first time, especially without the hose and mouthpiece connected, you can think of everything but that it is a hookah. And it’s true shisha flask reminds of a modern vase for flowers or some design object of decoration, but it’s really a hookah, and such a hookah that will take up little space in the apartment and will stand steadily on a table or coffee table.

Hookah flask is made of plexiglass or plexiglass material, which is known to many people, because it is widely used in industry and trade. Using this material Nanosmoke Mini not only looks original, but also very practical, if you accidentally catch it, the probability that it will be broken is minimal (the only exception is the fall from a height of two to three meters on a concrete floor). An important feature of such a flask is the ability to fill it not just with water, but also add fruit or ice, making the taste of smoke brighter and richer.

The shaft of the hookah is made of high quality medical silicone, so you can forget about the strange flavors that can arise during use. Additionally, the shaft is equipped with a splashguard and a diffuser at the end of the shaft, allowing the use of hookah Nanosmoke Mini even for inexperienced smokers.

Bowl, caladium and features of use

One of the key features of the Nanosmoke Mini is its ease of use. Immediately after purchase it can be assembled in just a couple of minutes and start using it. In order to make the use of the hookah as simple and convenient as possible, it comes with a silicone bowl, which is ideal for light tea-based light blends. This bowl is very convenient and practical, it will not break if dropped (alas, ceramic bowls can not boast this characteristic), and it is very easy to wash after use.

Practice shows that not all smokers who use hookah at home like using foil. Therefore it is quite logical that the Nanosmoke Mini is equipped with a cauldron. Using it is very simple enough to put a couple of cubes of heated charcoal in it and wait five to seven minutes for it to warm up, after which you can put it on the bowl and enjoy the fragrant smoke.

Nanosmoke Mini is rightly considered one of the miniature and practical hookahs on the domestic market from a proven manufacturer (do not go his way with the numerous Chinese works of art, whose quality is questionable). That’s why it is great for home, you can take it with you at any time to visit or on the nature, and be sure that nothing will happen to it, because the design is designed so that to damage the hookah you need to make a lot of effort.

Conclusions and impressions

Hookah lovers are not always willing to buy a hookah at a high price, especially if you need an easy to use and compact. Hookah Nanosmoke Mini will be a real find for those who want to experiment with flavors at home, but do not want to spend a lot of money. Due to its compact size it is easy to store and transport and the ease of use will allow you to easily score and smoke it even for beginners.