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Review of Monkey King RDA by Oumier

Here’s another one of the devices from my news column visited our store. This time it is Monkey King RDA from Oumier. Today I will tell you more about it and my experience with it.

 Monkey King RDA by Oumier

Let’s start, as always, with the unpacking. We are greeted by a cardboard box with the logo of the monkey king, it looks great! The inside slides out with a handy fabric loop. Inside we are greeted by a drip and dopes, there’s nothing else here. To be honest, at first I thought that the package is very bad, but it turned out to be different. Since the drip is very simple and consists of minimum of details, the additional parts are not required at all. It consists of a base, a glass body and a dropper with a splash-protection. The diptip is made of two parts and you will be able to replace its housing, there are two available housing for the black and red diptip. On top of that comes with a hexagon, extra fingerings and screws. So you can fix everything apart from the fact that the case is all made of Pyrex glass and there is no spare one, so be careful not to break it!

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 As we mentioned in our announcement of this vape, the design is awesome. It’s clear right away that it’s a Fishbone RDA in the shape of the body, but in my opinion, that’s the only thing they are similar to. Very nice engraving of the drip logo on the body and the drip tip, the gold-plated stand looks just as chic, and the drip tip is awesome and has a splash-protection, considering the size of the evaporation chamber it is a must-have feature of the drip. By the way, it is VERY compact with 22mm diameter so it fits in any device and looks great on it. The height of the vape is 25mm. Here are some examples of what the vape looks like on some of my devices.

Now to the most interesting part: the base. The base is Velocity style, but the racks are more square and oversized. One of the posts is gold plated for better conductivity, and they are rectangular at the base, which will increase the longevity of the vape to infinity. The diameter of the holes will allow you to install most windings, but first of all poroncoyles will look great under the transparent body. The size of the evaporation chamber is very small, and this as we know has a positive effect on the flavor delivery. The vat is just huge considering the size of the vape, it was a surprise to us.

Monkey King RDA by Oumier

The blowback here is lateral and adjustable; there is nothing unusual about it. It is regulated by turning the body relative to the base. The diptip is wide and has splash protection which is excellent; thanks to delrin interchangeable diptip body I didn’t feel it getting hot at all even at the thickest windings and high wattages. The connector is 510, steel, and the pin is gold plated.

 Well, to sum it up. We really liked this vape, it gives just an unreal amount of flavor, vapor, and looks awesome. The gold plated pins are great for cluding. The only downside that we found is not even a downside but our sloppiness. The edges of the base are very sharp where the airflow holes were cut out and we cut our fingers on the edge, so be careful. Otherwise, we have not noticed any drawbacks, we definitely recommend you to buy this drip. You can buy Monkey King RDA in our online store.