Review of Mlife Magn S2 starter kit

Many vapers mistakenly think that only a few world-famous companies, which have already earned their authority in the vape market, are engaged in the production of decent devices. But in recent years in the well-known Chinese Shenzhen there are more and more new companies that offer vapers interesting and somewhat unconventional devices, which are not inferior in quality to well-known brands. One of such young but ambitious companies is Mlife, in the range of which you can find quite interesting devices. Not so long ago the company introduced the Mlife Magn S2 starter kit, the design of which will be appreciated by all fans of futuristic and space themes. But this device is interesting not only for its original design, but also for its ceramic vaporizers, which allow you to maximize the taste of the liquid.

General information

Mlife Magn S2 is a starter kit that consists of a 1000 mAh battery pack and atomizer with ceramic vaporizers, the lifetime of which is dozens of times longer than normal coils. Magn S2 is made in a rather interesting design, which will appeal to many fans of non-standard devices and space lines. The atomizer is removable, with a 510 connector, and is characterized by ease of maintenance and operation. The manufacturer offers the device in two colors steel and black, but each of them uses gold metal inserts, making the device bright and a little bit flashy.

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Despite the fact that the company Mlife is known more in the European market than in Russia, the package is quite logical and standard:

Magn S2 battery pack with 1000 mAh capacity;

Magn S2 atomizer with pre-installed 0.3 ohm ceramic vaporizer;

Replacement 0.3 Ohm ceramic vaporizer;

USB charging cable;

Charging cable; Ering kit;

User manual.

Magn S2 Battery Pack

Looking at the Magn S2 battery pack, it immediately raises a quite logical question after which series of Transformers the decision to create such a device was made.

It is impossible to say unequivocally what exactly the shape of the mod is not just a hexagon or octahedron, it is quite a complex geometric figure in cross-section, but this shape is unambiguously ergonomic. The diameter of the battery pack is 24 mm, thanks to the manufacturer, because it can be used with other atomizers.

The battery pack is made of steel with plastic inserts. The capacity of the block is 1000 mAh, but we can say for sure that this is not enough when using 0,3 ohm vaporizers. The power of the block is 30-40 Watts, so when using it with other atomizers you should take this into account. In order to get more energy independence it is recommended to have micro-USB charging cable always on hand, the connector for which is on the bottom of the device. It is worth saying that in the process of charging the red LED lights up near the connector, which after a while will turn green, signaling a full charge.

The Fire button is the only control of the device, located in a small recess. The button is made in the form of a gold shield with a bee on it (why the bee is unclear, but let’s hope that it means something to the Chinese manufacturer).

Magn S2 Atomizer

Magn S2 atomizer is no less interesting, it resembles a helmet of some Desipticon or Autobot, but not a tank with interchangeable vaporizers. The tank has a rather interesting design, the borosilicate glass is additionally protected by a protective casing.

The tank capacity of 1.8 ml is not much, but it is enough when you use quite strong liquids. If we talk about the draw, it is not expected cigarette, but closer to hookah, with the ability to adjust using the adjustment ring located in the bottom of the tank.

The vaporizer deserves special attention. It is ceramic, which means that the vaper will get two pluses at the same time – the service life is much longer than when using conventional spirals, and the flavor transfer is quite high. Its resistance is 0,3 ohm, which is not quite right for such a battery pack, but the manufacturer decided to make exactly such a bundle.

With charging Magn S2 there will be no questions just unscrew the top cap and pour the liquid into two rather large holes.

Conclusions and impressions

Mlife Magn S2 is quite an interesting starter kit that will definitely interest vapers looking for something original and non-standard. Despite the fact that there are a lot of questions to the device, it is made at a decent level, and with the right advertising will be able to compete with the well-known brands.

Advantages and disadvantages


Small battery capacity;

Small volume of the tank;

No other vaporizers.


Original design in a fantastic style;

Compact size;

High-quality performance;

510 connector;

Ceramic vaporizer;

Good flavor delivery and bulk performance.