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Review of Suorin Elite Pod Kit

Rarely a vaper has not tried POD-systems and submods lately, which gradually replace powerful devices and subomizers, designed to get a lot of tasty vapor. And the desire to try compact submods or pods is not just a tribute to modern trends, but an opportunity to get a small device that will be productive, versatile and (what’s important) tasty. One of the leaders in the production of POD-systems is considered a company Suorin its devices in this format are rightfully considered exemplary. For a long time the company has been producing only POD-systems, but its time to release its own version of the pod-mod has come, so the Elite Pod Kit saw the light. The device turned out to be quite interesting and practical, but, alas, not without some shortcomings and drawbacks.

General Data

Suorin Elite Pod Kit is a compact sub-mod that has a built-in battery of average capacity, working under the control of a proprietary chipset and designed for the use of interchangeable vaporizers. new zealand vape shop dunedin The design of the new device can hardly be called innovative because there are a lot of similar devices released, but due to the small size and time-tested form factor the pod-mod sits perfectly in your hand. The installed proprietary chipset is very simple vaping mode is available only varivatte, but this is enough for most vapers. The device uses two types of vaporizers on the grid for free, and on a standard helix for a tight puff. You can buy the Suorin Elite Pod Kit in five colors blue, red, silver, gold and black.


It can’t be said that Suorin has always bundled its devices in some special way, and the Kit of the new device won’t cause any surprises either. In the box the vaper will find:

Elite mod battery pack;

Removable cartridge;

The vaporizer Elite Replacement Coil with 0,4 ohm resistance;

Elite Replacement Coil vaporizer with 1.0 ohm resistance;

USB charging cable;

Warranty card;

User manual.

Elite mod battery pack

If you ask most vapers what are the most popular POD systems, many will say Suorin without hesitation. And it will be difficult to argue with them, because the devices of this company have become exemplary in this class. But not all vapers like the fact that the device does not have any settings, and their autonomy is always far from the highest level. Therefore, the appearance of Suorin Elite Pod Kit is logical and understandable. Naturally, the device is not without its faults, but it is interesting, stylish and productive.

The design of Suorin Elite Pod Kit was not groundbreaking, because it was made in the traditional for such devices rectangular case with a drip-tip sticking out from the side. At the same time it is compact – 79.2x36x18 mm and easy to use and carry. The company’s designers did their best to make the device stylish as well, as the body is made of zinc alloy with resin and carbon-like side panels.

The maximum power of Suorin Elite Pod Kit is 40 watts, provided by the built-in medium capacity 1100 mAh battery. The battery is charged via a micro-USB connector located on the bottom end of the device, 1A current (full charging time of about 40-50 minutes).

The manufacturer does not specify what chipset is used in Suorin Elite Pod Kit, but the vaper will not only get a full set of protections, but also the ability to use the varivate mode with up to 40 watts. The device is equipped with a small color display, where you can find information about the device battery level, power, vaporizer resistance, time and number of puffs. It is possible to change the color scheme depending on the vaper’s preferences.

Elite Pod Cartridge

Like most submods, the Suorin Elite Pod Kit uses a removable cartridge for replacement vaporizers. The cartridge is held in the battery pack by magnets, so the vaporizer replacement or refilling process is as easy and convenient as possible.

The manufacturer currently offers two types of Elite Replacement Coil vaporizers with 0.4 ohm resistance on the mesh for free-throwing and Elite Replacement Coil with 1.0 ohm resistance on the standard MTL coil. Whether vaporizers and serviceable bases will still be available is still unknown, but one would hope so. There is no airflow adjustment.

To fill the cartridge you need to take it out of the battery box, turn it upside down, open the small silicone cap and pour in 3.1 ml of liquid, which is not too little for a device of this size.

Conclusions and impressions

The fact that Suorin decided to release a sub-mod can’t help but make you happy, as their devices are the least questioned by vapers. The Elite Pod Kit is a little bit raw, but overall it makes a very pleasant impression, successfully complemented by a good board, ease of use and two types of vaporizers.

Advantages and disadvantages


Only two types of vaporizers;

No airflow control.


Compact size;

The original design;

Fast charging;

Powerful battery;

Easy operation;

Quite a large amount of cartridge for a device of this size;

Good flavor transfer.