Review of Pulse V2 BF RDA by Vandy Vape

The number of companies that are engaged in the production of products for vaping, spite of the skeptics, not only not decreasing, but also increasing steadily. The most vivid example of this is the appearance on the shelves vape-shops atomizers and box-mods from unknown before manufacturers, not to mention the numerous clones. In order to hold their positions, many manufacturers have to constantly release new interesting devices. Vandy Vape company is one of the brightest examples of how it is necessary to work to keep the buyer it constantly releases or new devices, or cardinally modifies the existing ones. Created together with the famous reviewer and blogger Tony B. drip Pulse V2 became known vapers with the release of PULSE DUAL 220W Squonk Kit. And if initially it was only possible to buy it in a set with the mod, but now it appeared on the free market, which can not but please the vapers. The drip is interesting not only because of the non-standard design of the racks, but also because of the bold and variable blowing solution.

General Information

The Pulse V2 BF RDA by Vandy Vape is a single and dual spiraling atomizer with side side blowing for maximum liquid flavor and even more vibe. Executed in the classic form-factor, this vape will be a real boon for vapers who like to experiment with windings and blowing. In order to make it most convenient for the vaper to make experiments, the manufacturer provided interchangeable rings with blowing channels and universal deck. You can buy Pulse V2 BF RDA online vape shop new zealand in four colors gun metal, steel, matte black and rainbow.


No one and never from vapers can not accuse the company Vandy Vape that they are greedy as to the equipment of their atomizers can always be found in a branded box everything for a comfortable service tank or drip. And the Pulse V2 is no exception, so the vaper can find in the packaging:

Pulse V2 BF RDA Dripper;

Three delrin blowing rings (one pre-installed);

Squonk pin;

Two prewound spirals;

Adapter for 510-type drip tip;

Blue screwdriver;

Two hex wrenches;

Replacement screws;

Replacement O-rings;

User’s Manual

Appearance and Design

It should be said right away that even externally the Pulse V2 BF RDA by Vandy Vape is different from the first version of the Pulse, so there is not much point in comparing them. The second version of the Pulse is made in a rather strict style from the decorations you can notice only an engraving with the model name and that’s all. But this style is more of a plus than a minus, because not all vapers like ruffles and florets.

The drip is small and has 24mm diameter, so there are no difficulties with the choice of mechanical mod, box mod or squono. The drip-tip is a traditional 810, made of plastic, and the complete drip-tips have brighter colors than the drip. If you want or need, you can easily replace it with any drip-type from the vaper’s collection.

Base, blowdown and usage features

Deck Pulse V2 BF RDA by Vandy Vape is made quite interestingly it resembles the letter Tc with slightly bent edges of the horizontal bar. The installation of spirals is done vertically, and you can use either two or one spiral, depending on the preference of the vaper. The fixation of the legs is provided by the hex screws located at a slight angle.

The blowing system of the Pulse V2 BF RDA by Vandy Vape deserves special attention so that the vaper can experiment, the manufacturer offers three different rings to adjust the air flow. There is a ring with an extended airflow for one coil, and two rings (with shallow holes or one wide) for using two coils, for the user’s choice. Blowing is actually lateral, but at a slight angle. Blow control is done by turning the top cap.

The vat is quite deep 9 mm, in which you can pour up to 2 ml of liquid without much trouble. Naturally, the developers did not forget about the squonk lovers in the kit there is a sconk pin. At that, after you press the bottle the liquid flows through the central pillar to the top and then flows down the sides, wetting the absorbent cotton.

Conclusion and impressions

We can absolutely say that the Pulse V2 BF RDA by Vandy Vape is a vape vape that will interest many vapers because of the variability of blowing and coil installation. The technical solutions implemented in it give you the opportunity to put numerous experiments in search of the perfect taste, and at the same time, regardless of the chosen option, it has excellent flavor transfer and bulk.

Advantages and disadvantages


Difficult to accurately set the blowout;

When adjusting the blowback, the top cap moves with difficulty if it is not first moistened with liquid.


Classic design;

Rich equipment;

The possibility of using one or two spirals to choose;

Variability of blowing;

Easy maintenance and use;

Excellent flavor transfer and bulk.