Review of Pulse X 90W Squonk TC by Vandy Vape

Analysts of the vaping market although they say that it has recently stopped developing, but can not disagree that it has stabilized a lot of new companies present their products, and venerable manufacturers do not lag behind them. One such company that constantly keeps its customers in the tone is Vandy Vape novelties from it not only regularly see the light, but also please vapers. After the release of the Pulse squonk mech and then the Pulse BF Box Mod squonk box, the company’s marketers decided to release a transitional Pulse X 90W Squonk TC, which is better known as a kit with the Pulse X RDA than as a standalone device. But nevertheless this squonk box has been sold as a standalone device that can please many vapers with its technical characteristics, classic design and performance.

General Information

The Pulse X 90W Squonk TC by Vandy Vape is a single battery squonk box that can run on various battery formats and is equipped with a reliable and productive proprietary circuit board that allows you to use the device in various modes. The ability to use 21700/20700/18650 format batteries allows the vaper to decide which autonomy he needs, but at the same time the mod is able to work at 90 watts of power. Using the proprietary board from online vaping shop in new zealand allows the vaper to use the device in one of several most popular modes. If we talk about the color performance of the device, the main color is black, but there are more than two dozen colors of side linings, ranging from black carbon to camouflage or resin, so there are no problems with choice and customization.


Despite the fact that Vandy Vape always tries to complete their devices to the maximum, but it is not a magician in this situation either. Therefore, the vaper in the box is waiting:

Pulse X 90W Squonk TC;

8 ml bottle;

Adapter for 18650 batteries;

USB charging cable;

User’s Manual.

Appearance and Design

It’s worth saying right away that visually the Pulse X 90W Squonk TC by Vandy Vape is very much like the Pulse BF Box Mod, but there are a few minor differences related to the size of the device, the 90W version is slightly larger. But at the same time vaper still get a small, easy to use squonk box, which sits perfectly in the hand, both in the right and in the left.

Depending on the specific design, the side panels can be either colored or in tone with the body, but made of carbon or with relief. The side panels are held together by magnets. The case is made of zinc alloy which makes it practical and palpable in your hand. The footprint for the atomizer is 20 mm, but taking into account the size of the device you can surely use a dropper (and if you want you can use tanks) with up to 26 mm diameter.

An important feature of the Pulse X 90W Squonk TC by Vandy Vape is that it is powered by one battery and you can use 21700/20700 or 18650 format with the adapter. If necessary, the batteries can be charged using the micro-USB connector located on the bottom of the side panel.

The board, functionality and operation features

The Pulse X 90W Squonk TC by Vandy Vape specialists did not use something new in terms of chipset, so it has a proprietary chip. The significant innovation of this chip is that it is flashed to version V007, which has not brought any special changes in the functionality of the board, but it has raised the upper power threshold to 90 watts. Depending on the preference of the vaper you can use varivatte, thermocontrol, varivolt and bypass mode. The minimum resistance that the board is able to work with is 0.05 ohms, which can not fail to please many vapers.

The display is small, with the ability to display the minimum information that a vaper needs power, mode, coil resistance, voltage and battery level.

Conclusions and impressions

The Pulse X 90W Squonk TC by Vandy Vape is a mid-range squonk box that will be a real find for vapers who do not want to use mehsquonks that do not have any settings. The device is quite easy to operate, does not require any special skills in use and at the same time is functional.

Advantages and disadvantages


A small backlash of the side panels;

There is only one bottle for the liquid;

Condensation collects on the connector plate.


Comfortable and ergonomic design;

High capacity bottle;

The ability to replace the side panels to your liking;

Powerful board;

Easy to set up for use.