Review of Pyro V2 24 RDTA by Vandy Vape


The Chinese company Vandy Vape has rapidly burst into the vaping market, offering a lot of original technical solutions for vapers. The popularity of Vandy Vape products is due to several factors by cooperating with the famous reviewers, high quality products and affordable price. The assortment of the company is constantly replenished, and in this merit not only the developers, but also ordinary vapers, for whom specialists Vandy Vape and try. It is quite natural that Vandy Vape releases not only tanks and drips, but also RDTA atomizers which are in demand by many users. An example of this Pyro V2 24 rdta tankodrip (or dripobak, as anyone prefers), which is not only made in the original design, but also designed to work with squonks.

General info

The Pyro V2 24 RDTA from Vandy Vare is an atomizer that combines the taste of a drip and the autonomy of a tank, designed to use one or two spirals and equipped with an innovative blowing system. This atomizer will appeal to those vapers who want the taste of a vape devices in new zealand but don’t want to blow it every three to five puffs as the 4.5 ml volume is a great alternative to constant blowing. Pyro V2 is made very qualitatively VV company constantly monitors the production processes, not allowing violations in the processing of parts. In order to vaper could pick up the best option for his box mod or mehmod, dipobak offered in five colors black, steel, gold, rainbow and blue.


Those vapers who have come across the products of Vandy Vape know that this manufacturer kits its products very decently, so in the branded box with a flame you can find:

Pyro V2 24 RDTA atomizer;

Squonk pin;

Replacement glass;

Delrin 810’s drip tip;

Adapter for 510’s drip tip;

Spare screw set;

Oring set;

Screwdriver and two hexes;

Silicone plug for the absorbent cotton hole;

A ruler for the coil feet;

Two spirals fused clapton;

User’s Manual.

The kit is extensive, allowing you to use the atomizer immediately after unpacking and not to think about where to buy more earings/screws/glass in case of their loss or breakage.

Design and appearance

Pyro V2 24 RDTA atomizer is made in traditional form factor for devices of such class. Initially the device has an Ultem tank that looks great with the same drip-tip, but if you want you can install a regular glass that comes with the kit. The Pyro V2 is made of stainless steel and is available in several colors. There is a plastic ring inside the tank, the main purpose of which is to reduce the volume of the tank from 4 ml to 2 ml.

If you consider the device, you should definitely pay attention to the cover slightly raised above the skirt such a solution not only for beauty, but also for air intake. Initially, the bacodrip is equipped with a 810th dip-tip from Ultem, but there is a delrin variant in the kit, and if the vaper wants to use drip-tips from his collection, there will be no problems.

The diameter of the device is 24.4 mm, which is a little unconventional, but on most mods it will look quite logical. The dome or skirt deserves special attention, as it is double under the top smooth surface hides another dome of smaller diameter with blow holes and acting as a small evaporation chamber.

Deck, blowing and operation peculiarities

In order to get access to the deck you just need to remove the dome. Deck is a traditional pivotless deck, which is very convenient for installing spirals that are fixed vertically. You can use either two or one spirals if you want. To simplify the installation process, the manufacturer has equipped the atomizer with a special ruler, which can be used to measure the required length of the spiral legs and cut them evenly, without having to pick it up by eye. There are two big enough holes for absorbent cotton, but remember that absorbent cotton must be placed tightly in these holes in order to avoid leaks and overflow when carrying the device in a pocket or a bag.

Rather interesting realized blowing system is not traditional blowing with the holes on the dome in front of the spirals. The air intake is made under the top lid, after which it goes down through special channels, where it is divided into several small streams that hit the coil from the side and bottom. This technical solution allows you to get an excellent flavor delivery and bulk.

The filling is very simple with the dome removed, two large enough holes are opened to fill the liquid, which are covered with special silicone inserts when the dome is closed. Available complete squonk pin allows you to use the device on squonk boxes, while providing a serious autonomy.

Conclusions and impressions

We can say for sure that Pyro V2 24 RDTA from Vandy Vape is quite an interesting atomizer which format, though not the most popular, but still has its admirers. Qualitatively made basic elements combined with interesting technical solutions allows vapers to get a good flavor transfer and bulk.

Advantages and disadvantages


Blow control ring is too loose;

Blow adjustment only by feel, as you can’t see how open it is;

When installing the spirals you can’t see its location in relation to the blowing.


Rich equipment;

Easy installation of spirals;

The possibility to use one or two spirals;

Convenient wool packing;

A small evaporation chamber, which allows you to get a great taste;

Large enough volume of the tank;

Ability to use a squonk pin.