Paradox RDA by Dragosh

The trend of cooperation of famous reviewers and bloggers with e-cigarette manufacturers is rapidly developing and this is explained very simply by the vaper knows exactly what others want regarding the design features of the devices. The brightest example of this is Alex from VapersMD who successfully releases (and earns good money on it) all new devices together with Vandy Vape and Asmodus. Quite famous in vape circles reviewer FIX_RB VapersMD, aka Dragosh, decided to go the way of his fellow party released together with Vandy Vape single helix drip Paradox RDA with a rather original blowing system and non-standard processing dome, which will work on any device.

How the drip was created

It should be said right away that the creation of the drip really wasn’t easy, as the time from the project launch to its market release passed a little-not a lot, but almost a year. If we believe Dragosh himself and other reviewers, the most difficult thing was the process of name evolution from Draca RDA to Paradox RDA, which was promoted by Alex from VapersMD who actively works with Vandy Vape. 

What pleased the manufacturer in the box

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What will be the box of the drip – is not yet known, since it is only presented and has not been released on stream, but in the kit can be found:

The Paradox RDA dripper itself;

Delrin wide board” drip tip, 810 standard, ringerless;

Wide board” drip tip in Ultem, 810 standard, ringerless;

Metallic-delrin 510 drip tip and adapter for it;

Screw set;

O-rings kit;

Standard pin (the pin for the squonk is already pre-installed);

key under the squonk pin;” ” ” ” 

Fused Clapton Coil Ni80 0.2 Ohm 38-55W;

The classic blue slotted screwdriver.

As you can see from the package, the company Vandy Vape has once again confirmed that it is not greedy for extras.

General information

Paradox RDA is made of stainless steel and currently available in black and steel colors. It uses a single-coil, no-cylinder base, can be equipped with a variety of drip-types, and is able to work on any device, maximizing the flavor characteristics of the liquid. 

Due to the column-free base, the height is 23.5 mm, and the width is the traditional 24 mm, which makes it look somewhat square.

Design Features

After unpacking, the drip tip is an 810-format Ultem drip tip, no needle, which sits perfectly in its seat. Inside it you can find small bevels, which will not allow condensation to collect inside. 

If you are not satisfied with ultem drip-tip, you can install wide” board” drip-tip with a small knurling or 510 drip-tip made of metal and ultem, which can be disassembled, cleaned and washed. If you want, you can install any 810th drip-tip that the vaper likes, and the seating allows it. The dome of the drip is both the skirt and the airflow control ring. The presence of notches in the upper part of the device allows you to set the shoe correctly.

On the side surface there is a branded logo of the drip, and on the sides of it there are holes for air intake. You have to hand it to Dragosz for his elaborate bell-shaped treatment of the inside of the dome; theoretically the taste of the liquid should be excellent. If we talk about the base, it is pivotless with two slotted screws with large flats, notches on which allow you to use as a screwdriver almost any flat object of appropriate thickness.

The air intake is made from the side through the rack, inside which it splits and falls directly under the coil in a circle. To make it convenient for the vaper to set the coil, there are small cuts in the base, designed for a 3 mm frame. Special thanks to Dragosh for the deep (11.7 mm) tub, although if you want you can always use the pre-installed squonk pin, the liquid is separated evenly due to the bridge.

Installing the spiral and laying the wool

Installing the coil is both easy and difficult because before installing, you must clearly measure the length of the coil legs, not insert the coil, fix it and then cut off the excess. Once the length of the stems is determined, it takes no more than a minute to tighten the screws and adjust the coil position.

In order not to make a mistake with the length of the absorbent cotton, it should be measured by the second ring it 100% goes to the bottom.

What came out in the end

The drip is definitely tasty with the bell-shaped dome inside. You shouldn’t compare it to two spirals; it’s a completely different class of vape. What is nice about it is that you can get good taste and not be afraid to run out of liquid very fast with just one coil + deep vat. The draw is quite interesting, something between tight and loose, and it will be to the taste of many vapers.

Advantages and disadvantages


Be sure to pre-measure the length of the legs of the spiral;

When tightening the screws, it is important not to overtighten them, or you can break the struts.


High quality workmanship;

Deep pod;

Great flavor transfer;

The ability to completely close the blowhole, without being afraid that the liquid will overflow;

Affordable price.