Phobia V2 RDA by Vandy Vape

Cooperation of vape manufacturers with famous bloggers and reviewers definitely brings positive results, as the wishes regarding the design and technical characteristics are taken into account when releasing new devices. The most famous in this direction is Vandy Vape, which together with the reviewer Alex VapersMD released several devices that became a hit of sales. Many vapers have heard or used the rather sensational Phobia drik, developed by Alex and released by Vandy Vape. After such success (from Alex’s words more than 50″ 000 units were sold from the moment of release) the developers have decided to release slightly modified and in some points improved Phobia V2 drip. It’s hard to say whether it is better or worse than the previous version, as they differ in design, but it’s safe to say that Phobia V2 is worthy of attention.

What is Phobia v2

Phobia V2 RDA drip atomizer from the famous Chinese company Vandy Vape, designed to work with two vertically installed spirals and side blowing. The drip is designed to work with both conventional box mods and skunk devices. It comes in several colors matte black, steel, iridescent and metallic gray. The device is characterized by ease of use and high quality workmanship. The diameter of 24 mm allows you to use the drip on most box mods, squonks and mechmods without much difficulty.

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All vapers who at least once came across the products Vandy Vape, know that the package from this company always pleases, as the manufacturer tries to provide all the wishes and requirements of buyers. The kit comes with:

Phobia V2 RDA drip-atomizer with a pre-installed delrin drip-type and hexagonal screws;

The 810th ultem drip-tip (with low sides);

810th Polyesterimide” (PEI) drip tip;

Adapter for 510-type drippings;

A ruler for coil stems;

Hex key;

Two blue screwdrivers;

Phillips screwdriver screw set;

Squonk -pin;

Two nichrome Fused Clapton coils of 0.3 Ohm resistance;

O-Ring set;


It’s enough to look at the package, “and it becomes clear that Vandy Vape is not a greedy company, trying to further sway vapers to their side.

Appearance and design

Phobia V2 RDA is made of stainless steel and can be made in one of four colors. It should be said that the second version is not very similar to the first one in appearance, for which thanks to the manufacturer, because not everyone wants to have identical devices, but different versions. The drip is quite small in height with only 25.2 mm without the drip tip, as it uses a stemless base. If on the first version the only decoration of the dome was the logo, the second version is equipped with horizontal cuts and Phobia engraving.

Initially the drip is equipped with a rather non-standard, but interesting 810th non-rinching drip-type, the bottom part of which is made in the form of a gear. In the set you can find a drip-tip made of Ultem, which has a proud name super low profile, as it has a minimum height of the top edge. Also the manufacturer provided a third drip-type made of special plastic.

Base, blowing and usage features

Phobia V2 RDA base is made similarly to the first version, it has no stands and spirals are installed vertically. Practice showed that this design is very successful because the installation of spirals is very easy, especially when using the complete ruler to trim the legs of the spirals. The drip can be used as two coils, as well as with one, it all depends on the preference of the vaper. Wool packing also will not cause questions, everything is simple and banal.

If we talk about blowing, it is worth once again to touch the installation of spirals, they can be set at different heights, and depending on the height of the legs of the builds changes and blowing. If you set the spirals low, three holes in the side skirt are opposite them and the blowing is correspondingly side, and if you set them high, the holes are below the coils and the blowing becomes bottom-side blowing. The choice of installation and blowing is up to the vaper, so it is worth experimenting in search of your feng shui.

The vat in the drip is deep enough, its volume is 1 ml, but taking into account the use of Phobia V2 RDA on squonk devices, you can get a significant autonomy. Adjustment of blowing is standard, you need to turn the top cap and align the holes on it and on the skirt.

Impressions and conclusions

You shouldn’t expect the same taste as in the first version, because in Phobia V2 RDA blowing is implemented in a slightly different way, so it will be different. But at the same time, every vaper who decides to buy such a vape will get quite a decent device, easy to use and maintain, allowing you to get enough flavor and bulk, and at the same time pay not so much money (that’s the company’s pricing policy).

Advantages and disadvantages


A somewhat blurred taste due to the bottom-side blow;

The complexity of choosing the optimal height of the spirals;

It’s not so easy to adjust the blowing.


Interesting design;

Several options for the installation of spirals;

Rich equipment set;

High quality workmanship;

Easy to install spirals and wool packing;

Affordable price.