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Review of Suorin Drop 2 POD kit

The emergence of salt nicotine and nicotine-based liquids on the vape market revolutionized the vaping world, as many vapers were able to satisfy their nicotine cravings in just a few puffs without getting a harsh high. One of the mandatory conditions for vaping liquids with salt nicotine is the use of special low-power devices or POD-systems. One of the first companies that started producing devices of this format is Suorin, which currently offers a lot of POD-systems. Not so long ago was very popular Suorin Drop POD kit, which the company decided to update, so the light saw a second version of this device Drop 2 with corrected flaws and the same recognizable design.

General Data

Suorin Drop 2 POD kit is a compact POD-system equipped with a powerful battery, as easy to use as possible, designed for the use of removable cartridges with built-in vaporizer. The developers did not change the form factor of the new device – it is made in the form of a drop, but over the design have worked well, offering vapers a few bright colors. The device is as easy to use as possible, and it can be activated by both puffing and pressing the hidden Fire button. The device is designed to install removable cartridges with built-in vaporizer resistance 1.0 ohm for smoking liquids with salt nicotine. You can buy Suorin Drop 2 POD kit in six colors – Sky Blue, The Scream, Black, Yellow Amber, Red Amber, Peacock Plume.


Expect from a simple POD-system something special in the package is not necessary, because everything is simple and very banal. In the box the vaper will find:

Drop 2 Battery Pack;

Drop 2 POD 1 Ohm Cartridge;

USB Type-C cable;

User Manual.

Drop 2 Battery Pack

The Suorin company was one of the first to catch the wave of salt nicotine liquids and began producing POD systems, which are almost always in demand among vapers. It is interesting that this manufacturer has released more than a dozen devices of this format, and even the first devices of this series are in demand. One such device is the Suorin Drop POD kit, made in the original drop-shaped form factor. Having decided to revive it and improve it a bit, the company presented Suorin Drop 2 POD kit, original, compact and practical.

The original Suorin Drop 2 POD kit is made in the form of a rather large drop, but at the same time it is very convenient to use and ergonomic. The device is difficult to call big because its dimensions are 78,8 * 52 * 17,6, and it weighs a little, though it is made of zinc alloy with plastic. The developers paid special attention to the design of the plastic case can find both strict colors like black or blue, and original colors with Scream-Munch or psychedelic butterflies.

Power Suorin Drop 2 POD kit provides built-in rechargeable battery 1000 mAh, which is enough for two to three days of autonomous use, but it all depends on the strength of the used liquid and the intensity of vaping. The battery is charged using the USB Type-C connector, located on the bottom end of the POD-system, with 1A current.

Suorin Drop 2 POD kit can be safely attributed to a fairly simple device, which does not provide the ability to change the power or any special features. The device is very simple, but the vaper can activate it by puffing and pressing the fire button, which is located on the side edge and is hidden from prying eyes. On the side edge there are four LEDs, which are designed to indicate the battery level.

Drop 2 POD cartridge

Considering that Suorin Drop 2 POD kit is quite a compact device, it is quite logical that it uses interchangeable cartridges with built-in vaporizers. The shape of the cartridge is such that it is part of the body drop, with a thin mouthpiece with a small diameter hole at its sharp end, so you can get a fairly tight draw.

The Suorin Drop 2 POD cartridge is the only one with the built-in vaporizer with 1.0 ohm resistance, and it has a regular, vertical coil. The airflow adjustment is not provided.

The cartridge is refilled from the bottom by taking it out of the battery box, opening the silicon plug and pouring 3.7 ml of liquid into the tank.

Conclusions and impressions

Suorin Drop 2 POD kit can not be called a breakthrough in the field of POD-systems, but it has an original shape and design, and they do not play the last role when choosing such devices. If a vaper wants to get the most simple and stylish device, he should definitely buy Suorin Drop 2 POD kit.

Advantages and disadvantages


Weak charging current;

Inconvenient refilling;

The lack of regulation blowing.


Compact size;

Original form-factor;

Bright decoration;

High capacity battery;

Activation by puffing and pressing the Fire button;

Large volume of the cartridge.