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Review of Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit

The fact that PODs have recently become the most popular and best-selling vape devices is known to all vapers who follow the market. The reason for this is very simple, many vapers are gradually moving away from big box-mods and atomizers, as well as switching to liquids based on salt nicotine. Among the features of POD systems are compactness and the ability to quickly saturate the body with nicotine. Many vapers remember one of the first POD-systems Suorin, which at one time made a small furor in its class. For a long time the manufacturer rested on the laurels of this device, but decided not to stop there, so a new POD-system was presented – Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit. The new device got an updated design, a powerful battery, more power and USB Type-C. But at the same time the device is still stylish, fashionable and productive.

General Data

Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit” compact POD-system equipped with a powerful battery, a simple but powerful board and running on removable cartridges that are designed for liquids based on salt nicotine. new zealand vape shop richmond The manufacturer has not particularly changed the concept of his device, leaving it in the same form factor as the first version, but the new Suorin Plus was a little more height, but thinner. Thanks to the powerful battery installed, the device has a fairly high autonomy and can be fully charged in 40-50 minutes. Replacement cartridges have a decent volume and work on vaporizers designed for liquids on the salt and organic nicotine. The manufacturer offers Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit” in eight colors black, silver, red, gold, purple, turquoise, blue and gray.


Naturally, it is not necessary to talk about a special package POD is POD, so the vaper will get:

Sourin Air Plus Device battery pack;

Sourin Air Plus Cartridge;

USB Type-C cable for charging;

Warranty card;

Appearance and Design

Almost all vapers remember the first version of Sourin, designed as a stylish rectangle with rounded corners. Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit is made in the same recognizable style and form factor, which will definitely suit the taste of many vapers. Of course, the dimensions are a little bigger, but this is due to the fact that the new version uses a more powerful battery, providing a significant autonomy. If we talk about the dimensions, they are 93.2 * 49.9 * 9.9 mm, so the device can be easily carried in a shirt pocket, jacket or in a woman’s clutch.

Despite the fact that Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit is slightly larger in size than its predecessor, it is equipped with a battery capacity of 930 mAh, which is a serious claim to autonomy. The battery is charged via micro-USB Type-C connector with 1A current, and the manufacturer claims that it takes 50 minutes to fully charge the battery.

It is very convenient that on the side of the device there are five LEDs, with which you can monitor the level of battery charge.

The maximum power of the device is 22 watts, so it is perfect for many vapers who prefer vaping with high resistance vaporizers. It is worth mentioning that the voltage supplied to the vaporizer varies from 3.3 to 4.2 volts, and adjusts automatically depending on the resistance of the installed vaporizer.

Vaporizer and operation features

Like its predecessor, the Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit uses a replaceable cartridge. Skeptics may say that this format is no longer relevant, and it is replaced by systems with the ability to replace only the vaporizer, not the cartridge. But taking into account the fact that the compact size of the device, in particular its width, does not allow you to use interchangeable vaporizers, then you will have to change the cartridge.

The manufacturer suggests using cartridges with 0,7 and 1 ohm resistance, which is perfect for using salt nicotine based liquids. The cartridge is attached to the battery pack with magnetic connectors that hold it securely.

To refill the cartridge you need to take it out of the battery pack, turn it over, open the two silicone plugs and pour the liquid, both based on the organic and salt nicotine. It is worth saying that the cartridge has a volume of 3.2 ml, so the autonomy of the device will not cause any doubts. Activation is traditional for such devices by puffing, which is very convenient and practical.

Conclusions and impressions

If a vaper is looking for a compact, stylish and productive device that has excellent autonomy, the Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit is his choice. Designed in a minimalistic design, easy to use and maintain, this POD will be a real find for many.

Advantages and disadvantages


Only two cartridge resistances;

Uncomfortable location of the tightening hole.


Compact size;

Stylish design;

Great autonomy;

Fast charging;

Large amount of cartridge;

Activation by puffing;

Decent taste.