Review of SMOK Rigel Box Mod

If it is decided to buy a vape device, then even an experienced vaper now it is difficult to do it on the real and virtual shelves of numerous vape shops there are hundreds of models of devices for all tastes and wallets. Naturally, many lovers of delicious and fragrant vapor remember the situation 4-5 years ago, when the purchase of a 200 Watt box mod and tank to it was a holiday, which was celebrated more than one day and not a tea at all. Among the great choice of different devices and manufacturers a special place takes the company Smok, which can safely be considered the mastodon vape market. The developers do not eat their bread in vain, because they constantly delight vapers with new and new devices, one of which is SMOK Rigel Box Mod, designed for the needs of most vapers.

General information

SMOK Rigel Box Mod is relatively small box mod, powered by two batteries 18650, running a proprietary chipset and designed to use the device in varivatt mode. The design of the new box mod does not differ with originality, it is quite a traditional fish-like mod, which is convenient to use and has good ergonomics. The device does not differ particularly in functionality, as the vaper has only varivatte, but for most users this is enough. You can buy SMOK Rigel Box Mod in five colors: black-red, silver, black-blue, black and black-green.


It is quite logical that the box mod is packed rather modestly, but it is not surprising, because to find something interesting in a box with a device of this format is difficult. In the box the vaper waits:

Rigel 230W Box Mod;

USB Type-C cable;

User’s manual.

Appearance and design

It is unlikely that even very skeptical vapers will argue about the fact that the company Smok is one of the leaders in the vape market, and for more than one year. The last couple of years have seen an interesting situation with Smok massively developing PODs and sub-mods, the range of which is astounding in its diversity. But this does not mean that the company forgot about the traditional devices, which are still popular and in demand, and the confirmation of that is the new device – SMOK Rigel Box Mod, characterized by ease of use, reliability and performance.

SMOK Rigel Box Box Mod looks rather banal – it is a medium size mod, but thanks to this form factor, it sits very well in your hand. The device is small 88,7*44*29 mm and weighs only 102,5 grams.

The housing is made of plastic with fine perforations, thanks to which the device does not slip, even if you take it with wet hands. The connector area is quite large, designed for installation of atomizers with diameter up to 27 mm, so no problems with the choice of tank or drip chamber.

The maximum power of SMOK Rigel Box Mod is 230 watts, and it is provided by two traditional batteries 18650, which are installed under the side cover, held by magnets.

If the need arises, the batteries can be charged using the USB Type-C connector located on the front panel with 2.25A current, so the battery charging time will be short.

Board, functionality and usage features

SMOK Rigel Box Mod works under the control of a simple enough proprietary chipset with which vaper has only one Varivatte mode, but the board raises the resistance from 0.1 ohms, which will be quite enough for most vapers (practice shows that for 98% of users enough power adjustment). Sip response time is 0,001 sec. Chipset is equipped with all necessary protections – from low/high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from wrong polarity, from overcharging overdischarging.

The display in the device is already familiar to vapers from other devices is quite small, colorful and informative. On it the vaper can find a traditional set of data about the device’s operation: battery level (in percentage), power, voltage, coil resistance, number and time of puffs.

In order to somehow diversify the display of information about the Rigel Box Mod, it provides the ability to change the color scheme, and the vaper has six options at his disposal.

Conclusions and impressions

If the vaper is used to using the thermal control curves or manual preheating setting, the SMOK Rigel Box Mod is not the device for him. SMOK Rigel Box Box Mod is as simple and practical device that is perfect for beginner vaper, because there is no need to understand the settings, comparable to programming CNC machine, and make a responsible decision about the tank or drip is enough space.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Limited functionality;

Little play of the battery cover.


Small size;

Ergonomic design;

The possibility to install atomizers with diameter up to 27 mm;

Pleasant to the touch case;

Fast charging;

Easy control;

High-performance chipset;

Color display;

Six color themes.