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Review of SMOK Pozz X Pod

On the vape market almost every day we can observe the emergence of new manufacturers, whose products are not inferior to devices from reputable companies. Among the mastodons we can single out SMOK, which, as it turned out, has been developing and producing vape devices for ten years. If we touch the history, vaping as an industry is not so old, and a decade in this industry is a major achievement. Of course, we can not miss the work of SMOK, it has hundreds of different devices, ranging from the simplest to the original performance systems. The company decided to celebrate this small, but very significant, anniversary by releasing pod-mod, which is really worthy of attention vapers SMOK Pozz X Pod. Despite its modest size, the device is productive, autonomous, easy to use and, importantly, tasty.

General information

SMOK Pozz X Pod is compact pod-mod, equipped with powerful battery, proprietary chipset and color display that allows vaper to find the best mode of operation, and designed to use the vaporizers series RPM. The design of the new device will not be a novelty, but it is practical and easy to use. The presence of a powerful battery, proprietary circuit board and display to control the device allows each vaper to choose the best mode for him. e-cigarettes online boutique in new zealand The capacious cartridge uses the most popular vaporizers SMOK RPM series. You can buy the SMOK Pozz X Pod in nine (!) colors: black, black with white camouflage, blue, gray with rainbow, green camouflage, orange, lilac, white and yellow.


We should immediately tell those vapers who expect from the device, dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the company, something unusual in the package, that there will be nothing special. In a simple white box (though with the indication that the company is 10 years old) the vaper is waiting:

Pozz X” Battery pack;

Pozz X” RPM Pod;

RPM Mesh4ohm Coil vaporizer (pre-installed);

RPM” Triple Coil 0.6ohm Vaporizer;

USB charging cable;

User Manual.

Pozz X” Battery Pack

The release of SMOK Pozz X Pod evokes a double impression, as on the one hand it is an interesting and practical device, and on the other from the anniversary device you expect a little more. In any case it is worth to give credit to the company – they saved for their anniversary really good pod-mod that predicts pretty good future because it has almost everything that a vaper needs.

It cannot be said that SMOK Pozz X Pod is made in any original or non-standard design, such bubbleheads in the vape market are presented a lot. But this is not a bad form factor proven both in terms of practicality and in terms of ergonomics. And at the same time the device is small enough, made of zinc alloy, with a front panel of four layers, which will be a reliable protection for the display.

The maximum power of the SMOK Pozz X Pod is 40 watts, it is provided by a built-in battery of 1400 mAh, which is very good for a device of such a compact size. The battery is charged by means of a standard micro-USB connector located on the bottom end of the device, the current of 2A (to fully charge it takes about an hour).

An important plus SMOK Pozz X Pod is a simple chipset that allows the vaper to use it in Variwatt mode with adjustable power of 5-40 watts. Control is implemented with only one button Fire, located in the center.

Like on many SMOK submods, Pozz X Pod has a small color display, where the vaper can find the minimum set of information about the device’s operation: battery level, power, voltage, coil/vaporizer resistance, number and time of puffs.

Pozz X” RPM Pod Cartridge

The developers of the company worked not only on the cartridge but also on its cartridge, they equipped it with a convenient mouthpiece. It is kept in the battery pack with the help of small tabs, located on the side of the cartridge.

Special thanks to SMOK for the fact that this device also uses interchangeable vaporizers from RPM series. Initially there are two RPM Mesh and RPM” Triple vaporizers in the kit, but if you want you can buy any vaporizer from this line and RBA base. But it is important to remember that the SMOK Pozz X Pod’s maximum power is 40 watts, so when choosing a vaporizer or coil you need to consider their resistance and performance.

The SMOK Pozz X Pod cartridge has an airflow control, implemented by a ring in which the vaporizer is installed.

The filling of the cartridge is very simple: you take it out of the battery box, open the small silicone cap and fill it with 4.5 ml of liquid.

Conclusion and impressions

The fact that the company SMOK decided to present the Pozz X Pod just for the tenth anniversary, as it is almost impossible to complain about this device. It contains everything that most vapers want to get practicality, autonomy, ease of use.

Advantages and disadvantages


To adjust the blow it is necessary to remove the cartridge from the battery pack;

It is not easy to control the power with one button fire.


Compact size;

Ergonomic design;

Wide variety of colors;

High capacity battery;

Fast charging;

Easy operation;

Large Cartridge Capacity;

Large selection of vaporizers and RBA base;

Adjustable blow;

Versatility of use.