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Review of SMOK Pozz Pro POD kit

Given the popularity of POD systems and sub-mods, many vapers (voluntarily or involuntarily) decide to switch to devices of this format. When choosing sub-mods, vapers want to get a compact, self-contained, versatile device that does not require any special knowledge and skills in maintenance and operation. It is to such devices can be attributed sub-mods company Smok, which range is able to surprise even the most demanding vaper. Skeptics may say that all devices from Smok of this format are similar to each other, and to some extent they would be right, but the developers are constantly working on improving the previous devices. And the example of SMOK Pozz Pro POD kit, which is the successor Pozz X, but with a number of interesting innovations.

General info

SMOK Pozz Pro POD kit compact pod-mod equipped with enough powerful built-in battery, running a proprietary chip, designed for the installation of vaporizers series LP1. The device is made in the traditional for devices such format form factor of a small rectangle with rounded corners and edges, so it has excellent ergonomics. Thanks to the proprietary chip a vaper gets an opportunity to set the power of the device depending on the personal preferences of the vaper and the resistance of the installed vaporizer. The cartridge is small in volume, designed for LP1 series vaporizers installation. Buy SMOK Pozz Pro POD kit available in eight original colors.


Smok has standard kit for its devices, without any interesting tricks, so in the box the vaper waits:

POZZ PRO Device battery pack;


LP1 Meshed9 “Omega vaporizer; MTL Coil (pre-installed);

LP1 Meshed9 “Omega vaporizer; MTL Coil;

USB Type-C cable;

User’s Manual.

POZZ PRO Device Battery Pack

The fact that Smok is massively releasing sub-mods will not be a revelation to anyone. Quite often, the company makes some improvements to the already released devices, and then presents a new device. But with SMOK Pozz Pro POD kit a little different story, as the new device is quite different from its predecessor both externally and functionally, so it will definitely interest vapers.

The design of the SMOK Pozz Pro POD kit can hardly be called revolutionary, as most of Smok’s submods look almost the same. But this is not a minus because the device is compact, with rounded corners and edges, so it has good ergonomics and sits perfectly in your hand. The device is small 106.5 * 29 * 12.5 mm, and lightweight 59 grams. Designers of the company have taken care that the vaper had a lot to choose from, as there are eight original colors, ranging from black or steel, ending with a rainbow and stabilized wood.

The pod-mod is powered by a built-in 1100 mAh battery, which, given the minimum vaporizer resistance of 0.8 ohms will be quite enough to get autonomy for two to three days. The battery is charged using the USB Type-C connector, located on the side edge of the device, with 0.98A current.

Despite the apparent simplicity in the SMOK Pozz Pro POD kit installed proprietary chipset, through which the vaper has the ability to adjust the power of the device within 5-25 watts with a single button Fire. The device is activated by both puffing and pressing the fire button.

On the side edge of the device there is a small monochrome display, where you can find a minimum set of information about the device power, vaporizer resistance, battery level, time and number of puffs.

Pozz Pro POD cartridge

SMOK Pozz Pro POD kit has a compact size, but that did not prevent the developers to make its complete cartridge for interchangeable vaporizers. The cartridge is made flat, with an ergonomic mouthpiece. This cartridge uses vaporizers from LP1 series with 0.9 ohm resistance on the mesh, 0.8 ohm resistance on the mesh and standard helix and 1.2 ohm resistance on the mesh. The design of the vaporizers is such that you won’t have any problems with flavor transfer.

There is a small slider on the side of the battery pack that can be set to one of the four positions, allowing you to set the puff depending on the vaper’s preferences.

To refill the cartridge you need to take it out of the battery pack, open the silicone cap on the side surface and pour 2.6 ml of liquid.

Conclusions and impressions

We can not say that the SMOK Pozz Pro POD kit particularly stands out among the huge number of submods, as in all its characteristics and technical parameters it is more than standard. But the vaper who decides to buy SMOK Pozz Pro POD kit gets a standalone, versatile device, perfectly suited for vaping liquids on salt nicotine with a VG / PG ratio of 50/50.

Advantages and disadvantages


Weak charging current;

Small volume of the cartridge;

You need to remove the cartridge from the battery pack.


Compact size;

Large selection of colors;

Low weight;

High capacity battery;

The high-performance chip;

Adjusting the power;

Two activation options;

Four types of vaporizers;

Adjustable airflow.