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Review of Smok Novo X POD kit

Almost every day manufacturers of vaping devices please vapers with new devices, which implement not only the wishes of customers, but also original developments and innovative solutions. Especially the vaping market has changed after the appearance of salt nicotine and liquid based on it, because after that became popular POD-systems or closed systems. Many vapers know such a device from the company Smok as Novo Pod, which pleases with its simplicity and good taste. Given the current trends, the developers of the company decided to make a small upgrade to this device and presented Smok Novo X POD kit. We can not say that the new product is radically different from its predecessor, but it has some original ideas that make using the device more comfortable and convenient.

General Info

Smok Novo X POD kit is a compact POD-system that runs on a fairly powerful built-in battery, equipped with a display and allows you to select the operating power depending on the installed cartridge. The design of the new device compared to the previous model has not changed much, but it is not bad, because it is easy to use and takes minimum space. An important feature of this device is that it is equipped with a display and a button, which allows the vaper to select the optimal power of the device depending on your preferences. There are two types of interchangeable cartridges with built-in vaporizers, but both have a resistance of 0.8 ohms. Buy Smok Novo X POD kit is available in eight versions of Silver Cobra, Black Cobra, Blue Cobra, White Cobra, 7-Color Cobra, Black Stabilizing Wood, Red Stabilizing Wood, 7-Color Resin.


Of course you should not expect from more or less standard POD-systems in the complete set, but the manufacturer has packed it with everything you need for full-fledged usage. In the box the vaper will find:

Novo X device battery pack;

Cartridge Novo X DC8ohm MTL pod;

Novo X meshed 0.8ohm pod;

USB cable for charging;

User’s manual.

Novo X device battery pack

The Smok Novo POD system has been known to vapers for about two years now, and during this time this device has gained the trust of many vapers. The fact that the company decided to change this device a little bit is quite logical, as too simple devices are becoming less and less in demand among vapers. The new device will definitely like the fans of compact and at the same time functional devices.

The design of Smok Novo X POD kit differs very little from the first version, but this is more a plus than a minus, because this format of POD-systems is very popular among vapers. The device still has the same compact 92*26.5*16.5 mm, so it will fit nicely into a shirt pocket or the fifth pocket of jeans. At the same time, the device weighs only 50 grams. Designers of the company worked to avoid the banal colors, offering vapers eight original colors.

The maximum power of 25 watts is provided by the built-in battery of 800 mAh, which, taking into account the vaporizer resistance 0.8 ohms will get a good autonomy. The battery is charged using the micro-USB connector located on the bottom end of the device, with a current of 0.7A.

An important and even a key feature of the Smok Novo X POD kit is the ability to set the working power in the range of 1-25 watts. To do this, provides a small button, by pressing which you can choose the optimal power option in a circle, depending on the wishes of the vaper. In order to control the operation of the device there is a small monochrome display with minimal information. Activation of the device is made by puffing.

Novo X POD cartridge

Smok decided to release two types of replacement cartridges for the Novo X POD kit at once, so the vaper has something to choose from. The cartridges are held in the battery pack by the traditional method today with the help of magnets.

The manufacturer offers (and kits) two types of vaporizers Novo X DC 0.8ohm MTL POD and Novo X meshed POD. Both with built-in 0.8 ohm vaporizers, but the first one uses two spirals and the second one uses a mesh. There is no airflow adjustment.

The cartridges are refilled very easily and quickly you take the cartridge out of the battery box, open the silicone cap on the side and pour 2 ml of liquid into the tank.

Conclusions and impressions

If a vaper wants a simple and reliable device, which also has the possibility of adjusting the power, the Smok Novo X POD kit is his choice. Small in size, handy, practical and, importantly, tasty device will be a great option for many vapers.

Advantages and disadvantages


Only two types of cartridges with the same resistance;

Weak charging current.


Compact size;

Great choice of colors;

High capacity battery;

The ability to choose the power;

Easy refilling;

Tight puff;

Good flavor transfer.