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Review of OXVA Origin X Pod Starter Kit

Today on vape market you can find a variety of devices, ranging from simple devices (they are successfully sold in small vape shops) and POD-systems, finishing with limited edition mechmods and box-mods from stabilized wood. And it is possible to produce devices both from famous companies and new manufacturers. It is worth saying right away that devices from new vape manufacturers are not always worthy of attention. One of the brightest examples is OXVA, the design of which was developed by Justin Lai (the main designer of Geelvape, who designed such famous devices as Zeus and Aegis). The company announced itself a year ago, but their first device was not very successful, so after a while their new device OXVA Origin X Pod Starter Kit appeared. The device is definitely interesting, functional and practical.

General information

OXVA Origin X Pod Starter Kit is a medium sized submod powered by 18650 battery that runs on OXVA Photon chip and is designed to use interchangeable vaporizers, RBA base and maintenance cartridge. It is worth paying tribute to Justin Lai, who developed the design of the new device, thanks to which the device looks very original and ergonomically shaped. The device works under the control of OXVA Photon chip, thanks to which the vaper can use the device in varivatt mode. The cartridge for vaporizers, RBA base cartridge and the adapter for tanks and dripcocks with 510 connector are worth special attention. You can buy OXVA Origin X Pod Starter Kit in four original colors – Pine Green, Marble Gray, Black “amp; Red Trim, Carbon Fibre Black.


Once again we want to ask why the manufacturers do not bundle their devices with 510 mm tip adaptors and maintenance databases. The device from OXVA comes standard with no frills and something interesting and unusual, though some online stores offer a complete set with RBA and 510th connector. The standard package waits for the vaper:

OXVA Origin X mod battery pack;

OXVA Origin X Pod;

OXVA Unicoil 0.2 “Omega vaporizer; Mesh coil;

OXVA Unicoil 1.0 “Omega vaporizer; Mesh coil;

Blowout adjusting ring;

USB Type-C cable;

Warranty card;

User’s Manual.

OXVA Origin X mod battery pack

Naturally, nowadays it is very difficult for new companies to compete in pod mod segment with such mastodons as SMOK, Voopoo, Suorin, so it is not so easy for OXVA to prove to vapers that their products are not worse and in many points even better than famous brands. Considering the fact that Justin Lai is directly involved in the development of OXVA Origin X Pod Starter Kit, you can be sure that the device is really interesting and reliable.

The first thing you pay attention to is the design of the OXVA Origin X Pod Starter Kit. The body of the device is made as if rectangular, but there are no sharp corners or edges only smooth lines, thanks to which the ergonomics of the pod-mod at the highest level. At the same time, the device is not particularly large 113.5 * 32.8 * 23.5 mm, so in your pocket it will not get in the way. The company’s designers have provided four original colors, among which you can choose from carbon and stubwood stylization.

The maximum power of the OXVA Origin X Pod Starter Kit is 60 watts, and it is provided by a standard 18650 battery, which is under the removable panel held by magnets.

The battery can be charged using the USB Type-C connector located on the bottom end of the device, with a 2A current.

The OXVA Origin X Pod Starter Kit runs the proprietary OXVA Photon chip, the functionality of which is limited to varivate. Of course, there is a full set of protections. The board, though quite simple, but reliable and capable of raising resistance from 0.15 ohms.

The device is equipped with a small monochrome display, on which you can find data about the operation of the device power, voltage, resistance, number of puffs, battery level.

Origin X Pod Cartridge

Kudos to the OXVA developers who made the Origin X Pod Starter Kit install not only the standard cartridge, but also a cartridge with a serviced base, and an adapter for using atomizers with 510 connector. The cartridges and adapter are held in the battery pack by strong magnets.

With the standard cartridge you have four types of interchangeable vaporizers 0.2/0.3/0.5 ohm on the grid and 1.0 ohm on the standard coil. There is also an RBA base for installing a small coil.

The blowing adjustment mechanism is quite interesting. There is a special adjustment ring in the kit, where the vaporizer and the serviced base are screwed in. But this ring is not used for OXVA Unicoil 0.2 “Omega vaporizers; Mesh coil why it is so unclear, but great.

This cartridge is quite easy to refill: it is taken out of the battery box; you open the silicone plug on the bottom and pour 3 ml of liquid in a small hole.

The cartridge with serviced base deserves special attention. This is a special pride of the developers, because the cartridge is equipped with a rackless base for vertical installation of one or two spirals. The wad is stacked similar to the standard RDTA. The airflow adjustment is done by rotating the dome similar to a standard vape, and the filling is done from the top for this there is a small silicone plug.

Conclusions and impressions

We can say for sure that OXVA Origin X Pod Starter Kit is a very interesting and original device, especially with RBA cartridge in it. Naturally, there are certain remarks to this device, but in general the device will please you with its practicality, autonomy, variability of vaporizers and serviceable base.

Advantages and disadvantages


When using the standard cartridge to refill and adjust the air flow it is necessary to remove it from the battery pack;

RBA cartridge and adapter with 510 connector have to be purchased separately.

Advantages of

Ergonomic design;

Original colors;

Removable battery 18650;

Fast charging;

Easy operation;

Reliable and productive board;

Large selection of vaporizers and serviceable base for standard cartridge;

Adjustable blow-off;

Possibility to install RBA cartridge and adapter for mounting atomizer with 510 mm connector;

Easy maintenance.