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Review of OXVA Origin Mini Pod Kit

Surely many vapers with some degree of nostalgia remember their first vape, which was successfully replaced either by a simple Kangers TopTankom, or 213, or Ryksa. All of these devices were not particularly distinguished by functionality and performance, but they could still please with decent taste and bulk. Naturally, over time, many began to use more modern and functional devices and sabot tanks, but who would have thought that particularly relevant will become sub-mods compact, self-contained, practical, which increasingly resemble the first box mods that appeared on the market. OXVA has already made a name for itself in this segment, but that does not mean that its developers sit still, and an example of this is the new Origin Mini Pod Kit sub-mod.

General Information

OXVA Origin Mini Pod Kit is a medium sized submod with a powerful built-in battery that runs on a new Photon chip and is designed to use Unicoil interchangeable vaporizers. The device is made in the corporate style with a characteristic ergonomic design, neat rounded edges and small size. The device is characterized by its simplicity and the minimum functionality provided by the newly developed chipset by Photon Company. Thanks to the versatility and a large number of supported vaporizers of Unicoil series, the vaper will get a great taste and bulk. OXVA Origin Mini Pod Kit is available in Golden Vibe, Eagle, Brown Ripple, Black Carbon Fibre, and Buddha.


We can’t say that the new sub-mod is packed in a special way, but in the box the vaper will find everything he needs for full use of the device:

Origin Mini Mod battery pack;

Origin Mini Pod cartridge;

0.3? UNI Coil (pre-installed);

0.2? UNI Coil;

Unicoil Airflow Ring (pre-installed);

USB Type-C cable;

User’s Manual.

Origin Mini Mod Battery Pack

Despite the fact that OXVA appeared on vape market relatively recently, it has already managed to make a name for itself by releasing some quite interesting and popular devices. It is to such devices OXVA Origin Pod Kit can be safely attributed, which is successfully used by many vapers, making competition to more famous devices. Deciding to please vapers once again and at the same time to remind about themselves, the company presented OXVA Origin Mini Pod Kit small, practical and quite autonomous pod mod.

When designing OXVA Origin Mini Pod Kit, the company’s designers did not particularly change the design of the device, leaving it in the corporate style, so it is quite logical that it is made in the characteristic style rounded edges, flat small control panel, and very good ergonomics. The device, despite the prefix Mini, can not be called very compact, because its size is 120 * 23 * 31.5 mm. It is noteworthy that the device is decorated with plastic inserts, both classic and original design.

The OXVA Origin Mini Pod Kit is powered by a built-in 2200 mAh battery, which is a very good value for such a device. The battery can be charged via USB Type-C, located on the front end of the device, with a current of 2A.

An important feature and at the same time a significant difference from its predecessor is that it has a new Photon chip, thanks to which the vaper will not only get a full set of protection, but also the ability to use the device at maximum power of 60 watts. The device is equipped with a small monochrome display which displays the standard set of information about the device power, voltage, coil resistance, battery level and the number of puffs.

Origin Mini Pod Cartridge

Origin Mini Pod cartridge is not particularly original, as a similar design has been used many times by many manufacturers. It is held in the battery pack by magnets, and it is crowned by a traditional 510-type drip tip.

On the plus side, the OXVA Origin Mini Pod Kit uses replaceable vaporizers from Unicoil series, as well as a serviced base, so the vaper can easily choose the best option for himself depending on his preferences.

It is interesting that the device provides blowing adjustment, implemented with a ring screwed on the base of the vaporizer. But it is important to remember that this ring is not suitable for all 0,2 Ohm vaporizers designed for free hookah puffs without the possibility of adjustment.

The cartridge is refilled by opening a small silicone cap from the top and pouring 4 ml of liquid into a small hole.

Conclusions and impressions

It’s hard to say whether it makes sense to change the OXVA Origin Pod Kit for the Mini version, as with some significant differences the device remained the same, but if a vaper is looking for something small and practical, it is definitely worth buying OXVA Origin Mini Pod Kit. Buying this device, the vaper will get a standalone and productive device that will pleasantly surprise with its taste and bulk.

Advantages and disadvantages


To adjust the blowing you need to remove the cartridge from the battery pack;

Small volume of the cartridge.


Compact size;

The original design;

Powerful battery;

Fast charging;

High-performance chipset;

Large selection of vaporizers;

510-type drip tip;

Adjustable blowback;

Easy refills.