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Review of OXVA Origin 2 Pod Mod Kit

For many people, vaping has long been not associated with huge clouds of delicious and flavorful vapor that envelops the vaper walking down the street. In most cases, vaping is now a compact device that does not give much vapor, but is able to please the vaper with good taste. Therefore, more and more vapers refuse powerful box-mods and sabom tanks in favor of more modern and practical sub-mods. On the market of such devices there are many different models, among which vapers appreciated devices from the company OXVA (its creator previously worked in Geek Vape and was one of the creators of Zeus X and Aegis Legend). Its Origin lineup has already gained the trust of users, so it is not surprising that the company decided to continue it and presented OXVA Origin 2 Pod Mod Kit.

General information

The “OXVA Origin 2 Pod Mod Kit” is a medium sized submod that can hold a single 18650 battery, has a simple chip, and can hold two types of UNIONE and UNIONE PnM vapor cartridges. The device most of all resembles a standard one-bar box mod because its form factor is practical and easy to use. The device works in vari-watt mode with a maximum power of up to 80 Watts, which will be enough for most vapers. One of the features of the pod mod is that its cartridge base is designed to use two types of cartridges, which are installed interchangeable vaporizers and RBA-base UNIONE and UNIONE PnM. Buy OXVA Origin 2 Pod Mod Kit in six colors steel, gunmetal, black, black and turquoise, yellow and blue, and black and red.


Regarding the packaging of this device it is safe to say that the manufacturer is a bit stingy – very poor somehow, even a banal charging cable is not included, but this has played positively on the total cost of the device. In the box the vaper will find:

Origin 2 Device battery pack;

Unione Cartridge 5ml;

Unicoil 0.2ohm vaporizer;

User’s Manual.

Origin 2 Device Battery Pack

The company OXVA fairly rapidly burst into the vape market, and not at a time when vaping just emerging, but much later, when many manufacturers have already won their fans. The success of the devices of this manufacturer is hidden in the fact that the chief designer of this company Justin Lai was engaged in the development of well-known devices in the company GeekVape Zeus and Aegis, so quite often in devices OXVA can be found recognizable details. Not so long ago, the company presented its OXVA Origin Pod Mod, which many vapers immediately liked. Deciding to continue this lineup, the company released the OXVA Origin 2 Pod Mod Kit a more modern and practical device that is sure to take a worthy place in every vaper’s collection.

The design of OXVA Origin 2 Pod Mod Kit” can not be called innovative, as there are many similar devices on the market, but at the same time you can not call it a failure, this form factor is practical and good ergonomics. The eco-leather and carbon fiber inserts, thanks to which the device sits nicely in the hand, are an additional plus. Pod-mod is not miniature 122,1 * 33 * 26,3 mm, and weighs 119 grams, but this will hardly stop vapers.

Powering this pod-mod is provided by a standard 18650 battery, which is installed at the bottom, under the screw cap, but this does not mean that the device has protection from water, dust and bumps. Such a cover is just a design move. If necessary, you can charge the battery using the USB Type-C connector, located under the +/- buttons, 2A current.

OXVA Origin 2 Pod Mod Kit” is equipped with a fairly simple chipset, through which the vaper will get a standard varivatte capacity of 5-80 watts and support a minimum resistance of 0.1 ohms. The device is equipped with a small monochrome display with information about power, voltage, coil resistance, battery level and the number of puffs.

Unione Cartridge

OXVA when developing the Origin 2 Pod Mod Kit decided on its compatibility with the previously released Unione PnM Tank sub-tank, so the vaper can use either the complete Unione or PnM, with each of them installing the appropriate vaporizers.

The Unione cartridge is interesting in that it is designed to use Unicoil replacement vaporizers with 0.2/0.3/0.5/1.0 ohm resistance, with the first three on the grid. Also if you want you can use a serviced base, but it (of course) must be bought separately.

Considering the design, the unit has a blower adjustment; the cartridge simply rotates inside the battery pack.

The filling is simple enough: you take the cartridge out of the battery box, turn it upside down, open the silicone cap on the bottom and then pour 5 ml of liquid into it.

Conclusions and impressions

We can safely say that OXVA Origin Origin 2 Pod Mod Kit is an excellent daily mod that can please with its autonomy, practicality, versatility and good flavor delivery.

Advantages and disadvantages


For refilling you need to remove the cartridge from the battery pack;

Minimal functionality;

Rather large weight.


The original colors;

Ergonomic housing;

Rechargeable battery 18650;

Fast charging;

Easy control;

Supports resistance from 0.1 Ohm;

Decent capacity cartridge;

Interchangeable vaporizers on the grid and RBA base;

Support for two kinds of cartridges;

Adjustable blowing.