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Review of OXVA Arbiter Solo RTA

For many vapers searching for optimal atomizer which can please with its taste becomes real quest, because they have to try dozens of models in search of their Zen. And with it not the fact that such tank will please you for a long time, because having atomizer designed for tight MTL draw, you will definitely want a looser bong and the search process will start again. It is for such vapers that manufacturers offer universal options designed for MTL and RDL draw. Quite a young company OXVA, which rapidly burst into the vaping market, not so long ago introduced its Arbiter RTA tank, designed by the creator of the notorious Zeus X. But as it turned out, the company plans to capture other segments of the market as well, such as MTL, so they presented a new multipurpose tank OXVA Arbiter Solo RTA which can be considered as a success because they realized a lot of interesting features.

General information

OXVA Arbiter Solo RTA is a small atomizer designed for installation of one coil, with bottom or three-dimensional blowing, designed for both tight and free spinning. The new tank looks quite traditional without any extra decor and pathos, so it will look great on almost any box mod. new zealand vape shop christchurch The tank is designed for installation of one coil, but this is quite logical, because it is positioned as MTL-atomizer. Of particular interest is the blowing system, thanks to which the vaper will be able to get a tight cigarette puff, and a looser hookah. You can buy OXVA Arbiter Solo RTA in five colors blue, gun metal, steel, black and rainbow.


Equipped with a new tank quite standard, but for the first start and further use the vaper will have everything. In the box the vaper will find:

Arbiter Solo RTA atomizer with pre-installed 4 ml bubble glass;

An extra 2 ml glass;

Pre-wound Fused Clapton coil;


Optional drip tip;

Hex key;

Replacement screws;

Replacement fingerings;

User’s Manual.

Appearance and Design

Vapers who follow the development of the vape market and new products that appear on it, surely paid attention to the Arbiter RTA, released by a young but quite ambitious company OXVA. The developer of this tank was Justin Lai, known to vapers for the company’s legendary Geekvape Zeus and Aegis products. But Arbiter RTA is quite a big tank, designed only for a very loose hookah puff, and many vapers would like to get a tighter one. Therefore, the company did not think long and developed the OXVA Arbiter Solo RTA universal tank with the original blowing system and the ability to choose the draw.

The OXVA Arbiter Solo RTA looks rather modest without any extra decorations and ornaments, but it captivates with it. The rips and notches on the top lid and the base of the tank, though decorate it, but first of all they are functional with their help it is much easier to dismantle the tank and fill it up. The diameter of the atomizer is 24 mm, so it will look logically on most of the box mods.

Depending on the vaper’s preference, you can use either a 4 ml bubble glass or a standard 2 ml straight. The tank is 510-type drip-tip, and it comes originally with a pawn, which you can easily replace with any other drip-tip from your collection.

Base, blowing and usage features

Taking into account that OXVA Arbiter Solo RTA is initially positioned as MTL/RDL tank, it is designed for single coil installation. The deck is very reminiscent in its design of the deck in the Wasp Nano RDA dripper two massive racks with horizontal slots for the coil legs. Installation will not cause any difficulties and difficulties, as there is enough space for the coil, but remember that it is desirable to use coils wound clockwise.

The coil is installed horizontally; the legs are fixed at the top with two Allen screws. There is enough space for wool stowage wells are deep, with stoppers.

Of course, the main feature of OXVA Arbiter Solo RTA is the blowing system, which is realized quite originally and a bit unconventionally. First of all, you should notice a rotating ring on top of the lid, which helps you to choose type of puffing MTL or RDL, the air intake is on top, so the tank is a full fledged non-pouring tank.

After the air inlet is set, the user has two options of helix blowing only the bottom one, best suitable for tight MTL draw, and 3D bottom and side (through the holes in the posts), which is suitable for RDL draw. The bottom draw uses three holes of 1mm diameter under the coil and the side draw adds two more holes of 3mm diameter in the struts.

Depending on the type of puff selected, air intake can be made through the holes on top of the tank with a diameter of 0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5/1.8 mm and wide holes, by alternately opening them you can find the best option for the vaper.

To refill you just need to unscrew the top cap and pour the liquid into two rather large holes.

Conclusions and impressions

The developers from OXVA did a very good job on this tank, the Arbiter Solo RTA is an interesting and slightly ambiguous one, as fans of full fledged MTL can say that you don’t get a full fledged tight draw from it. But on the other hand the tank is practical and versatile, because the vaper will get a choice of puffs, easy maintenance and use.

Advantages and disadvantages


In order to correctly set the desired level of inhalation will have to experiment a lot;

When using strong liquids with salt nicotine it is important to constantly control the blow, otherwise you can get poisoned.


Strict design;

Great choice of colors;

510-brip type;

The seating diameter of 24 mm;

Convenient coil installation;

Easy wadding; Easy wadding;

MTL and RDL toggle;

Two types of airflow lower and 3D;

Non-spill design.