Review of OXVA Arbiter RTA

Just three years ago vapers were looking forward to the release of new tanks and drip sticks that could please users with good flavor delivery, bulk, and original design. But then POD-systems and sub-mods appeared and vapers began to switch to them in mass and carefully put on the shelf box-mods with power 200+ Watts and tanks with porn-coils. Although practice has shown that many vapers do not want to refuse a really tasty vapor, which can be obtained only in full-fledged serviced tanks. Especially for them OXVA developers (it is worth mentioning that the chief designer of this company Justin Lai was involved in the development of well-known devices in the company GeekVape Zeus and Aegis) presented a new tank Arbiter RTA, which some bloggers have dubbed the killer Zeus X.

General info

OXVA Arbiter RTA is atomizer designed for installation of one or two spirals, with the original design of the internal dome, with the lower air blow around the spirals to get the most saturated taste. The design of the new tank is quite laconic and austere, but this is what many vapers will like. new zealand vape shop dunedin Depending on the preference of the vaper it is possible to install one or two spirals base is designed so that there are no problems with this. The main feature of the tank is the blowing system in which the air intake is made from the top and its supply to the coil with special channels at the bottom. You can buy OXVA Arbiter RTA” in five colors: steel, rainbow, gun metal, black and red.

Complete set

It is worth paying tribute to the company OXVA, which equipped the Arbiter RTA” very decently, so the vaper will not have any difficulties with the maintenance of this tank. In the black and red cardboard box the vaper will find:

Arbiter RTA atomizer with 6 ml bubble glass pre-installed;

Spare 4 ml glass;

Two Fused clapton coils prewound with 0.4 ohms nichrome resistance;

Two plates of cotton;

Flat wrench;

Hex wrench;

Adapter for 510-type drip tip;

Replacement O-rings;

Replacement screws;

User’s Manual.

Appearance and Design

Vapers who prefer traditional tanks are unlikely to argue that one of the most successful, best-selling, and, importantly, tasty, and pile-on tanks released in the last couple of years is the GeekVape Zeus X. Its developer and designer Justin Lai is actively involved in the new OXVA brand at the moment, so it’s no wonder that it was with his light hand that the Arbiter RTA saw the light, when you look at it, you understand that it is an improved Zeus X.

The design of OXVA Arbiter RTA” is quite strict and laconic, on its surface there is almost no decor, as the notches at the base and on the top cover of the tank are functional (their presence greatly simplifies the process of airflow adjustment), and the logo on the dome is just the brand ownership. The tank is far from small its seat diameter is 28 mm, so you should pay attention to what box mod it will be used on.

The “OXVA Arbiter RTA” uses the traditional 810th dolrin-less drip tip, which you can easily replace with any from your collection. If you want (and in fact when using one spiral) you can install an adapter and use 510th drip-type.

Depending on vaper preference, you can use a tank with 6 ml bubbleglass, or with a standard 4 ml straight.

Base, blowing and usage features

OXVA Arbiter RTA” uses a deck with four racks, the holes for installing spirals in which are angled to the base. This design solution allows you to simplify the process of installation of spirals, as their legs are very easy to cut after complete fixation by hexagonal screws. The spirals are installed horizontally, and you can use either two or one coil.

The wool packing will not cause any questions for it with big wells, so you can leave quite big tails, there will be enough space for them.

One of the main features of OXVA Arbiter RTA is the blowing system, which is realized quite originally. The air intake is made from the top, automatically making the tank non-pouring, and there is also a ring to adjust the airflow. But the most interesting thing is the additional dome, which is put directly on the deck and provides the air supply not from the top or side of the coil, but from the bottom through special holes between the racks.

This technical solution allows you to get even more flavor, especially since the evaporation chamber is minimal in size and has a spherical treatment.

In order to fill the tank, you need to open the top cap half-turn and pour the liquid into two rather wide holes.

Conclusions and Impressions

Whether the “OXVA Arbiter RTA” will become a Zeux Healy killer or not is not particularly important, as the tank turned out to be really very interesting and original. Every vaper who decides to buy the OXVA Arbiter RTA will definitely get a tank with great flavor and bulk, easy to maintain and operate.

Advantages and disadvantages


Diameter of 28 mm will not fit all box mods;

Very simple complete drip-tip;


Strict design;

A good complete set;

Large volume tank;

Convenient installation of spirals and stacking of absorbent cotton;

The ability to use one or two spirals;


The original system bottom blowing;

Great taste and flavor.