Review of Ijoy Shogun Kit

Recently, there is an interesting trend: many manufacturers do not produce box-mods and atomizers separately, but offer to buy ready-made kits. Some vapers may say that it makes no sense, because there is no possibility to use their own windings, but on the other hand the user gets a completely ready kit, which you have to assemble, pour the liquid and vaporize. There are hundreds of examples of this. The company iJoy does not lag behind such fashion – the other day it introduced the new Shogun Kit starter kit, which is sure to attract attention. The first thing that immediately draws attention to is a very strong similarity with Drag 2. Similarity, first of all, is the rectangular design and the use of today’s fashionable resin-plastic inserts. But at the same time the set has its own peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages.

General Info

Ijoy Shogun Kit starter kit from the famous Chinese Company consists of box mod SHOGUN Univ, running on two batteries 18650, and atomizer KATANA “on removable vaporizers. The set is quite interesting, even the names of the mod and tank suggest the thought of Japan or China, which means that it makes sense to wait for something original and non-standard. The box mod is made on a proprietary chip from the company iJoy – ” Univ, which has a fairly high performance, standard functionality and minimal response time. vape devices in new zealand Katana atomizer is interesting because it works on interchangeable vaporizers X3, DM, KM series, and also there is an opportunity to install a serviced base. You can buy Ijoy Shogun Kit in one of six colors and each of them is original and unique because the resin inserts pattern is unique.


Ijoy Shogun Kit comes with no problem for any vaper. The producer of the kit has packed into the box everything you need for full-fledged operation and maintenance of the kit. The box includes:

Shogun box mod;

Katana Sub Ohm Tank atomizer with pre-installed KM1 0.15 ohm vaporizer and 5.5 ml glass;

Replacement 4 ml glass;

Replacement vaporizer DM-M2 0.15 Ohm;

O-ring set;

Micro-USB cable for charging and flashing;


Shogun box mod

It is not even necessary to argue that the Shogun box mod resembles the second Drag very much, it really resembles it in its appearance and design. This is due to the fact that the form factor of the device and resin-plastic inserts are almost a trademark of the device from Voopoo. But at the same time Shogun is made more accurately it has more smooth lines and beveled corners. Despite the fact that this device also somewhat resembles a “colored” brick, it sits comfortably enough in the hand without causing any difficulties and difficulties.

The Shogun is made of zinc alloy with resin-plastic side panels. This solution is not new, but we can confidently say that it is almost a win-win solution. The connector pad is 20 mm and it is slightly elevated above the top end, so the levitation of atomizers can be avoided. The dimensions are such that you can install atomizers up to 26mm in diameter without any problems or hang-ups.

The maximum power of 180 watts is provided by two traditional 18650 batteries, which are installed on the side under the cover with magnets. You can charge the batteries with a USB cable, which can also be used to update the chip firmware. The fire and +/- buttons are located on the side panel and are pressed effortlessly, with a slight, slightly audible click.

If we talk about the board and functionality, they are provided by proprietary chip from the company iJoy Univ, which has already successfully proved itself in other devices from this manufacturer. You should not expect anything supernatural from this chip, as it is an average class chip, productive, reliable and with a fairly fast response time. The vaper can use one of the modes that he will like variwatt, thermal control, TCR. The board used in Shogun is able to work with spirals of resistance from 0,05 Ohm, which can’t help but please.

The small screen is located vertically and on it you can find all the necessary information for the vaper power, operating mode, voltage, coil resistance and the level of charge of each battery.

Katana Sub Ohm Tank Atomizer

The Katana Sub Ohm Tank atomizer is as close as possible to modern standards of replacement vaporizer sub tanks. The tank is quite voluminous” – it holds 5.5 ml of liquid when using bubble-glass and 4 when installing a regular one. Filling the tank is very simple just slide the lid in a straight line and access to the filling hole opens.

One of the main features of the atomizer is the ability to install one of the nine types of vaporizers, which can be on the grid and conventional spirals. In any case there is a lot to choose from. And if the manufactured brand vaporizers do not suit categorically, you can buy an additional RBA-base, in which you can install one coil.

Conclusions and impressions

The impression is that Ijoy Shogun Kit is a copy of Drag 2, but in fact it is quite an interesting kit, which, although similar to Drag in appearance, but has a number of features of its own. The kit or box mod separately will become a real companion for the vaper, especially since they belong to the middle class, so the price will not bite.

Advantages and disadvantages


A little play of the battery cover;

Not a very convenient menu.


Rich Kit

Original appearance and a large selection of colors;

Productive board, picking up 0.05 ohms;

Large assortment of vaporizers for the tank and even a serviceable base;

Easy to use and maintain;

Excellent flavor and scent.