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Review of iJoy Saturn kit

The emergence of salt nicotine revolutionized not only the flavors of liquids, but also the devices, because for such liquids do not fit standard tanks and drips. Closed type systems or POD-systems have a number of features they do not give a lot of vapor, work at low power and allow you to get a decent taste. Many vapers are happy to buy POD-systems, but practice shows that more interest in All-In-One-systems, as they are self-contained and practical. The iJoy company has recently stepped up its efforts towards the release of closed type systems. After the release of a number of AIO-systems saw the light of another novelty Saturn kit, which will please you with its practicality, ease of use and original design. If a vaper wants an interesting and stylish AIO-system, the iJoy Saturn kit is a great option for lovers of salt nicotine liquids or smokers who want to kick the bad habit.

General information

iJoy Saturn kit AIO-system that is equipped with a powerful battery, made in an original design with non-standard materials and works on interchangeable vaporizers that allow you to get a good taste. The developers of the company iJoy paid special attention to the design and the use of fairly non-standard materials in the design of the device body, it uses tempered glass on the side panels. Large capacity battery in combination with interchangeable vaporizers of high resistance will allow you to get a very decent autonomy. online vaping shop in new zealand An important feature of the system is that it is possible to use not only Saturn series vaporizers, but also Mercury, so the vaper can choose the best option for themselves. The device is presented in three colors Ocean Blue, Coral Red and Fog Green, but the color executions can be expanded, as the developers have already posted photos with new colors.


It is hard to expect from AIO-system something very original and non-standard, but the vaper can be sure that after the purchase he will not have to look for something immediately and buy more. In the original box you can find:

The iJoy Saturn device battery pack;

iJoy Saturn cartridge;

Saturn Mesh Coil 0.6 Ohm vaporizer;

Mercury Mesh Coil 1.0 Ohm vaporizer;

USB charging cable;

User’s Manual;

Warranty card.

The iJoy Saturn device battery pack

Not so long ago the company iJoy introduced a POD-system with a romantic name Luna, which was not made of plastic, but of zinc alloy, stainless steel and tempered glass. iJoy Saturn can be safely considered a continuation of this series, as the same materials were used in the production, so the device has gained a certain chic, although it weighs quite a lot because of them.

The design of the device deserves special praise because it is made in the form of a rectangle with rounded edges, so it sits perfectly in the hand. It is worth noting that the fire button is located almost in the center of the device, and there is an indicator of the device, which changes its color depending on the level of battery charge.

iJoy Saturn works from the built-in 1100 mAh battery, which is almost standard for devices of such class. The battery is charged using the traditional micro-USB connector, which is located on the side edge.

It is worth mentioning that the device is designed to work in three power modes 8,3/10/15 Watts, and the choice of mode is automatic depending on the resistance used by the vaporizer (vaporizers for this device are also three kinds).

Cartridge, vaporizers and peculiarities of use

The fact that the manufacturer decided to use the format AIO, not POD is a big plus, as the vaper can not only select the best for themselves steaming mode, but also significantly save by buying only vaporizers, not a cartridge.

The cartridge is removable, held by magnetic connectors and designed to work on interchangeable vaporizers. iJoy offers three cartridge options, with two designed specifically for Saturn and one for Mercury. Depending on vaper preference, you can use vaporizers with 1.2 ohm resistance (8-12 watts) on the common coil and 0.6/1.2 ohm on the grid, so good taste is guaranteed.

It is worth noting the blast control ring, which is put on the base of the vaporizer. But you should be ready to adjust blowing only when the cartridge is removed.

A nice bonus will be a convenient refilling, which is done from the top. To fill 3 ml of liquid you just need to remove the drip tip and pour the liquid on the salt or organic nicotine through a big enough hole.

Conclusions and impressions

Vapers who care not only about performance, but also the appearance of the device will definitely appreciate the iJoy Saturn kit. Easy to use, stylish, productive and self-contained device is sure to please many connoisseurs of salt nicotine liquids.

Advantages and disadvantages


You need to remove the cartridge to adjust the blow;

There is no manual mode to set the power.


The original design;

The use of glass in decoration;

The convenient location of the fire button;

The presence of a protective cap on the drip-tip;

A powerful battery;

The choice of vaporizer;

Convenient refilling;

The decent taste.