Review of iJoy Nic Tank

If we do a little analysis of vapers’ preferences regarding the devices they use, we can get a very interesting statistic about two thirds of vapers use box mods with tank makers. And about half of them give preference to tanks with tight cigarette puffs, as many vapers in the past are inveterate smokers. It is for them manufacturers with enviable regularity release atomizers for tight MTL draw. But vapers became very demanding lately and simple MTL tank doesn’t surprise them, so companies-manufacturers have to constantly release something new and original. The company iJoy presented its new tank Nic Tank, which is positioned as a tank for liquids on the organic or salt nicotine, and at the same time is designed to work on a removable vaporizers or with a serviced base. The tank will definitely appeal to cigarette lovers as it is easy to use and maintain and can give you a full, tight puff.

General Information

iJoy Nic Tank” is a small tankomizer designed for vigorous cigarette puffs and works with interchangeable vaporizers of different resistance and RBA-base. Designers of the company tried to make a new tank in a relatively minimalistic style, so it looks good on many box mods, in particular on stealth devices. online vape shop new zealand This atomizer is designed to work with interchangeable vaporizers with resistance of 0,6-1,2 ohm, as well as with serviced base. Bottom aperture, with a full-fledged tight cigarette puff. Buy iJoy Nic Tank” is available in six colors black, gun metal, rainbow, steel, gold and blue.


Despite the fact that this atomizer can be attributed to the unserviced, the manufacturer tried to do everything so that the vaper did not have any difficulties with its maintenance and use. In the original box iJoy vaper can find:

Nic Tank atomizer;

NIC Q2 1.2ohm Coil (15-20W, preset);

NIC Q3 0.8ohm Coil (20-25W);

Replacement Glass;

Replacement fingerings;

Warranty card;


Appearance and Design

Traditionally MTL-tanks are not distinguished by the original design and not decorated with numerous logos. iJoy Nic Tank” is made in the best traditions of tanks for cigarette puffs, it looks quite simple and in some way strict. The only inscription on this tank is the name of the company in small print on the top lid.

The diameter of the atomizer is 21 mm, so it’s perfect for use on almost any box mod, including stealth devices. Thanks to such a small size, it has a shallow evaporation chamber, which will positively affect the taste. The manufacturer has equipped the tank with a 510-meter foot-format drip-type, which is designed to make the process of use as comfortable as possible.

iJoy Nic Tank” is equipped with a relatively small, but now standard, 2 ml glass, but for cigarette players it is not surprising and quite logical.

Vaporizers, blowing and peculiarities of use

In the view of most vapers tanks with a tight cigarette draw must be equipped with a serviced base, but in recent years it is increasingly possible to find MTL-atomizers, working on a removable, specially designed for them, vaporizers. iJoy Nic Tank” is one of the universal tanks in which you can use both vaporizers and serviced base.

The manufacturer offers three types of vaporizers (two of them are available in the kit) NIC Q2 (1.2 Ohm), NIC Q3 (0.8 Ohm) and NIC Q4 (0.6 Ohm), so the vaper can choose the best option depending on their preferences. It is worth noting that the vaper can use not only the liquid on the organic nicotine, but also on the salt. If desired, you can buy a separately serviced base and set spirals on their own.

iJoy Nic Tank” is positioned as MTL-tank, and this statement is justified tank is really designed for a tight cigarette puff. The vaper has the ability to set the optimal airflow for himself by rotating the ring and opening/closing the small diameter air intake holes.

The manufacturer also took care that the user could refill the tank as conveniently and comfortably as possible. To refuel, you need to slide the top cap in a straight line, after which the vaper will get access to a fairly large refilling port.

Conclusions and impressions

The iJoy Nic Tank” atomizer will not revolutionize the vaping world, but it will definitely interest many vapers. Its secret is the versatility to use it with serviced base (a variant for those who like to set the coils and stack absorbent cotton by themselves), and with interchangeable vaporizers (suitable for those who want to save time and guaranteed to get a great taste).

Advantages and disadvantages


A little strange diameter;

The inhalation is not the tightest, because the air intake holes are the same diameter.


Strict and concise design;

Convenient to use 510-type drip-tip;

Three types of vaporizers and serviceable base;

Easy to use and maintain;

Adjustable blowback;

Easy to refill;

Excellent flavor delivery.