Review of iJoy NEPTUNE Vape Pod Kit

The fact that in recent times one of the most popular vape devices have become POD-systems, all vapers know. And there is an interesting trend vapers who a couple of years ago were looking where you can buy a box-mod power 300 + Watt and independently did spirals of stainless steel resistance 0,05 Ohm, pass en masse on the POD-systems. The reason for this demand is very simple POD-systems are compact, self-contained, allow you to vaporize liquids based on salt nicotine. That is why you can find a lot of POD-systems from almost all producers and the companies constantly release more and more new ones. Many vapers not so long ago saw the device Saturn from iJoy, but the company decided not to stop in the direction of POD-systems with glass panels, so the light saw NEPTUNE Vape Pod Kit. This device will pleasantly surprise you with its strict design, the use of innovative materials and ease of maintenance and operation.

General Info

iJoy NEPTUNE Vape Pod Kit is a compact POD system with a medium capacity battery made of zinc alloy, plastic and tempered glass that works with interchangeable cartridges for liquids based on salt nicotine. Designers of the company have worked to ensure that the vaper gets a compact and stylish device that is the easiest and most convenient to use POD. It is equipped with a fairly simple board that has a standard set of protections, as well as the ability to adjust the voltage supplied to the vaporizer. A cartridge with a very convenient refill with a built-in vaporizer, designed to use liquids based on salt nicotine. Buy iJoy NEPTUNE Vape Pod Kit is available in five colors, which although they have beautiful names, but in fact it is black, blue, red, green and white.


Expect from a fairly traditional POD-system of some super complete set is not worth it is just a POD-system. Therefore, in the black branded box the vaper will find:

NEPTUNE Device battery pack;


USB Type-C cable for charging;

Warranty card;

User’s Manual.

NEPTUNE Device Battery Pack

Not so long ago the company iJoy presented the POD-system Saturn, which interested many vapers not so much in functionality and performance as the original design and the use of tempered glass. The company’s developers decided not to stop (especially since Saturn really interested vapers), so the new POD-system iJoy NEPTUNE Vape Pod Kit is made in that style and with the use of similar materials and technology.

Given the rather small size, the NEPTUNE battery pack is made of zinc alloy and plastic, and the top is covered by two panels of tempered glass, which makes the device look stylish and original.

Neptune is equipped with a built-in battery of 650 mAh, which for a device of this class and for high resistance cartridges is quite normal. The battery is charged through a connector micro-USB Type-C, thanks to which the charging time of 25-40 minutes.

An important feature of the iJoy NEPTUNE Vape Pod Kit is that it is equipped with a board that allows you to use three power modes. Depending on the vaper’s preferences, you can set the voltage supplied to the vaporizer in the range of 3.5-3.7 volts, and this is desired by triple clicking a single button that is available on the front panel.

NEPTUNE Pod Cartridge

The iJoy NEPTUNE Vape Pod Kit works with interchangeable cartridges. On the one hand maintenance may seem expensive, but on the other hand the vaper is guaranteed to get great flavor while making the replacement process as easy as possible. The cartridge in the battery pack is held by a magnetic connector, which is very convenient and practical.

The manufacturer offers only one version of 1,2 ohm cartridges. The cartridge is designed to use salt nicotine based liquids, so many vapers will be satisfied.

Filling the cartridge is very convenient and easy to feel that the developers iJoy listen to vapers. To fill the cartridge you must remove the mouthpiece and pour 1.8 ml of liquid into the tank. It is worth saying that to refill it is not necessary to remove the cartridge and you can refill it almost on the go.

Activation of the device takes place with a puff, so the process of operation is very simple. Despite the skepticism of some vapers to this activation option, it is one of the best options for traditional POD systems.

Conclusions and impressions

iJoy NEPTUNE Vape Pod Kit somewhat unusual POD-system, which will definitely suit vapers looking for something compact and stylish. Due to the original design, ease of use and the ability to independently adjust the operating voltage vaper will get a productive and practical device, which is not a shame to go out in public.

Advantages and disadvantages


Only one cartridge resistance;

If dropped on the asphalt or concrete there is a chance that the glass will break.


Stylish design;

Use of glass panels;

The battery of average capacity;

Fast charging;

Easy refilling;

Ability to choose voltage;

Good taste.