Review of IJoy Mipo Pod System Kit

Just look at the range of vape shops and it will become clear that vaping has not just changed in the last couple of years, it has become a bit different. More and more vapers are refusing from powerful box-mods and sabom tanks and drip sticks in favor of POD-systems. The main reasons are possibility to vaporize salt nicotine liquids, compactness and light weight. Therefore it is quite logical that the manufacturers try not just to be represented on this market segment, but to surprise the vaper with something interesting and non-standard. IJoy is no exception, it introduced the Mipo Pod System Kit, a POD system that comes with a docking station, which is sure to interest many vapers looking for something compact and original. Naturally, there are still a lot of questions about this POD system, but after the presentation it interested users who want the most compact, and at the same time standalone device. It is not quite a classic POD system, as it has a number of features such as multiple cartridges and the ability to quickly charge directly in the dock/case.

General Info

IJoy Mipo Pod System Kit POD-system with a small capacity battery that works with removable cartridges, but comes with a special case that acts as a docking station. The form factor of the device is quite standard small stick, convenient and practical. new zealand vaping The manufacturer offers three interchangeable cartridges equipped with ceramic heating elements and designed for the use of liquids with salt nicotine. Important feature of this device is a weak battery, but the case that carries the device is a docking station for charging. Buy IJoy Mipo Pod System Kit is available in five colors, and they are all very similar to the metallic gray-blue.


It is safe to say that this device is somewhat unusual and non-standard, but the manufacturer tried to complete it very decently vaper for some time after the purchase will not think about the purchase of consumables. In the box the vaper can find:

Mipo bank docking station;

Battery pack Mipo device;

Three removable cartridges (one pre-installed);

USB-cable for charging;

Warranty card;

User’s Manual.

Appearance and Design

The fact that IJoy Mipo Pod System Kit is a somewhat unusual device is not in doubt, because similar devices on the vape market are few (only one device Eleaf iCare comes to mind at once). The first thing that attracts attention is the box that holds the device and cartridges. An important feature of this box is that it is small in size, no more than a pack of cigarettes, so no problems and difficulties with carrying the device.

The box or docking station (here everyone is free to call it what he wants) in addition to the fact that it can carry a device and removable cartridges, it performs an important task, it is used to charge the device. For this purpose, the box has two pins on which the device is simply placed and charged. The capacity of the battery built into the box is 1000 mAh, so at any time you can recharge the stick. Charging is done using a standard micro-USB connector.

If we talk about the battery pack IJoy Mipo Pod System Kit, it is really tiny its diameter is only 56.7 mm, so it can proudly wear the name of a real stealth device. Despite such tiny size, the device is equipped with a rather weak battery of 190 mAh, but given the fact that the vaper always has a docking station at hand; difficulties with charging will not arise. At the same time, the device is designed to work at 7.5 watts, which is quite normal for such a device.

Cartridges and usage features

The presence of a docking station and the miniature size of the IJoy Mipo Pod System Kit is not all the chips of this device. The manufacturer has provided the original device three cartridges, so the vaper can fill three cartridges of liquids of different tastes, and when you use them quickly change depending on your preferences.

The cartridges have a built-in ceramic heating element with a resistance of 1.8 ohms, so it is safe to say that they are designed for salt nicotine-based liquids. It is worth saying that when using cartridges of such resistance, the battery installed in the device will not sit down very quickly, as the work capacity and charge consumption will be small simple physics.

Activation of the device is, of course, when you puff, but you should not expect anything else from such a miniature device. You can not regulate the tightening due to the design features and the small size of the device.

The designers of the device took care “to make refilling as easy as possible it is done from the side and there is no need to remove the cartridge from the battery unit and the cartridge volume is 1,1 ml.

Conclusions and impressions

We can definitely say that IJoy Mipo Pod System Kit is an interesting and somewhat non-standard device that has a lot of features. The fact that the device is miniature and equipped with a docking station will appeal to many vapers, and the ability to quickly change the cartridges will allow you to change the taste of the liquid in a few seconds.

Advantages and disadvantages


Lack of puff adjustment;

Small volume of the cartridge.


Miniature size;

The box with the ability to charge the device;

Not a bad capacity docking station;

Three complete cartridges;

Ceramic heating element;

Decent taste.