Review of iJoy Mercury kit

Vapers, who follow the novelties of the market, have repeatedly paid attention to the fact that after the release of Orion from Lost Vape, many manufacturers have paid attention to this format of POD-systems. The reason for this interest is quite simple: the vaper gets not quite a miniature system, but it is very autonomous and maintainable. Given the fact that the devices of this format are equipped with a powerful battery and use vaporizers with high resistance, the vaper can safely use the device without recharging for one or two days. The iJoy company also decided to offer its own variant of such systems to the vapers, and the Mercury kit saw the light. This AIO-system will please the user with its technical characteristics, original design and appearance, and will be a great option for vapers who use the salt nicotine-based liquids or smokers who want to get rid of a bad habit.

General Information

iJoy Mercury kit compact AIO-system equipped with a powerful battery and a clearomizer on replaceable vaporizers with high resistance, thanks to which you can get a decent taste when using liquids with organic and salt nicotine. The use of quite simple, and at the same time easy to use, form factor in the form of a small rectangle with beveled edges has a very beneficial effect on ergonomics. new zealand vape shop wellington Powerful battery allows you to get a significant autonomy, which will be appreciated by vapers. The device uses a specially designed for it clearomizer, working on removable vaporizers, thanks to which you can get a decent taste and the possibility of filling liquids with organic and salt nicotine. The manufacturer offers this device in four versions B-Ghostfire, RC-Hellfire, G-splendor and R-Crystal Purple, which feature the use of resin for the side panels.


If we talk about how the company iJoy staffed this AIO-system, we can confidently say that everything is standard and without frills. Therefore, in a stylish black box the vaper will find:

POD-system iJoy Mercury kit;

Mercury Mesh Coil 1.0ohm vaporizer (6-10W, pre-installed);

Mecury” vaporizer Coil 1.2ohm (8-12W);

USB charging cable;

User’s Manual;

Warranty card.

Appearance and design

It should be said right away that iJoy Mercury kit is not very similar to Lost Vape Orion, except only a little, and then the general concept. It is made as a small mod of rectangular shape with beveled edges, due to which it sits perfectly in your hand and has good ergonomics.

The device is made of zinc alloy with side panels of one of the most fashionable materials now resin, for which each copy has a unique color. It is worth warning vapers that the drip-tip in it is removable, but you can not replace it, as it uses a proprietary design iJoy.

iJoy Mercury kit is designed to work at a power of 6-12 watts, which is set automatically depending on the resistance of the vaporizer. This power is provided by the built-in battery 13350 with a capacity of 1100 mAh, thanks to which the vaper will get a great autonomy. The battery is charged through a classic micro-USB connector located at the bottom of one of the side edges of the device.

It is very convenient that the manufacturer provided the presence of three LEDs on the side surface, with which the vaper can monitor the battery level.

Clearomizer, vaporizers and features of use

The developers of iJoy decided not to use interchangeable cartridges of rectangular shape, as many other manufacturers do. The iJoy Mercury kit uses a small clearomizer that is installed in the main body of the device so that only the drip tip is on top. The fixation of the clearomizer in the body is implemented with a magnetic connector, and for the vaper to control the liquid level in the tank, there is a small window in the body.

iJoy Mercury kit uses interchangeable vaporizers, and the manufacturer offers two variants on the mesh with resistance of 1 ohm and the usual coil with resistance of 1.2 ohms. The positive point is that you can use Aspire General BVC Coil Unit vaporizers, so the vaper won’t have any problems finding vaporizers.

The important feature of this vaporizer is the adjustable air blow by means of a special ring, put directly on the vaporizer. You can regulate it without taking the atomizer out of the battery box, there is a special window for the ring. Charging the iJoy Mercury kit is very simple and convenient: you need to remove the drip-tip, open a small silicone cap and pour 2 ml of liquid. And you can refill it without taking the clearomizer out of the device.

Conclusions and impressions

iJoy Mercury kit is a starter kit that will interest both experienced vapers and beginners. It is worth to pay tribute to the company iJoy, which was able to produce an interesting and slightly non-standard device, perfectly suitable for different types of liquid, both organic and salt nicotine.

Advantages and disadvantages


Lack of independent choice of power;

Blow control ring is not very convenient.


The original design;

Interesting colors;

The powerful battery;

Excellent autonomy;

Easy maintenance;

Ability to use not only branded vaporizers;

Blow control;

Good taste.