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Review of iJoy LUNA Pod System Starter Kit

The triumphal march of POD-systems is very difficult to stop, as more and more vapers refuse large and powerful box mods, giving preference to compact devices. Someone will say that for some reason again became popular itoshki and would be right, because the device, which operate at high resistance and are designed to use strong liquids on salt or organic nicotine, have again become popular. POD-systems are successfully produced by many manufacturers, so the product is a hip, and many are constantly replenishing the range of such devices. An example of this company iJoy, which recently presented its new POD-system LUNA. Despite the fact that at first glance it may seem that the system is quite standard, it has some interesting features such as the use of glass in the manufacture of the body and rigorous design in a minimalist style.

General Info

The iJoy LUNA Pod System Starter Kit is a compact, medium capacity, battery powered POD system that uses a removable cartridge with a high resistance heating element making it perfect for salt based nicotine liquids. The decision to use a minimalist design is no accident, as not all vapers like bright devices with pictures and logos. The battery is not the most powerful, but it is enough for one or two days of autonomous use, because the vaporizers for PODa have high resistance. The fact that the system works on interchangeable cartridges is logical, because with such a compact size it is simply impossible to install interchangeable vaporizers. The manufacturer offers iJoy LUNA Pod System Starter Kit in five colors gold, green, blue, red and black.


If we talk about how the company iJoy kitted out this POD-system, everything is very simple and standard alas, no miracle happened. The vaper will find in the box:

The iJoy LUNA Device battery pack;

Cartridge iJoy LUNA Pod;

USB-cable for charging;

User’s Manual;

Warranty card.

Appearance and design

Review of iJoy Luna 2 POD kit

The emergence of salt nicotine and liquids based on it became a real salvation for many vapers, because it became possible to smoke really strong liquids, but not to get a hard traction comparable to smoking tobacco. Naturally, standard tanks and, moreover, drip bottles will not suit for steaming such liquids with 30-50 mg/ml strength, so there was a need to create new devices POD-systems. Practice shows that many vapers do not need especially productive and functional POD-systems, they need something simple, compact and inexpensive. Exactly for such vapers iJoy developed another device for vaping liquids on salt nicotine – Luna 2 POD kit, which is a continuation of the series released earlier.

General information

iJoy Luna 2 POD kit is a compact POD-system with built-in medium battery capacity, designed for the use of removable cartridges with built-in vaporizers, designed for smoking liquids with salt nicotine. The device looks as simple and laconic as possible – a small compact stick that can easily fit into a shirt pocket. POD-system is as simple as possible, but at the same time it is very easy to use and has a good autonomy. Interchangeable cartridges with a built-in vaporizer on the grid of 0.8 ohms resistance will allow you to get a pretty good taste. Buy iJoy Luna 2 POD kit is available in four colors green, red, blue and black.

The kit

It is quite logical that the POD-system of this format is equipped quite simply and banal, so in the box the vaper waits:

Luna2 Mod battery pack;

Luna2 Pod 0.8 ohm cartridge;

USB Type-C cable;

Warranty card;

User’s Manual.

Luna2 Mod Battery Pack

Recently, the company iJoy spoils its fans with new devices quite rarely, and it is not quite clear why. But those devices that appear on the vape market will definitely interest vapers. A little over two years ago the company released a POD-system Luna, which is successfully used by vapers to this day, but it is already pretty outdated, so experts iJoy decided to update it and presented the Luna 2 POD kit.

Designers obviously decided to use the principle the simpler, the better, so the design of the iJoy Luna 2 POD kit is unlikely to surprise anyone – this is the most very traditional stick of rectangular shape with slightly rounded sides. The device is very compact 91 * 22.5 * 12.5 mm, and weighs a little due to the fact that it is made of aluminum alloy and plastic. Through the use of aluminum surface of the device is a little rough, pleasant to the touch.

Powered iJoy Luna 2 POD kit at constant power of 16 watts, provided by built-in battery capacity of 650 mAh full battery will be enough for one to two days of autonomous operation (depending on the intensity of vaping and the strength of liquids used). The battery is charged by means of USB Type-C connector, located on the bottom end, with 1A current, so the full charging time will be 40-50 minutes.

Despite all the simplicity, iJoy Luna 2 POD kit is equipped with a chipset, thanks to which the vaper get a stable output of 16 watts and 3.6 volts. Activation of the device is made by puffing. There is a single LED on the body of the device, which lights up during activation/charging, and also changes its color depending on the level of battery charge.

Luna2 Pod Cartridge

Naturally, the iJoy Luna 2 POD kit uses interchangeable cartridges with a built-in vaporizer. If you believe the manufacturer, one cartridge will be enough to vaporize over 21 ml of liquid without losing flavor – this is pretty average, but if you consider that the POD-system is designed to vaporize liquids with salt nicotine of high strength, this is a very good figure.

Replaceable cartridges have a built-in vaporizer on the grid and have a resistance of 0.8 Ohm. Thanks to the mesh you can get quite a good taste. Filling the cartridge is made on the side of the side surface has a small silicone plug, opening which you can pour 3 ml of liquid. iJoy Luna 2 POD kit has no blowing control (it is logical), but the manufacturer promises a tight cigarette draw, provided by two holes on the side surfaces. If you want to get a tighter draw, you can close one of the holes using improvised means.

Conclusions and impressions

Expect from such a device is not a miracle, as iJoy Luna 2 POD kit is a simple POD system. But it will be a real find for vapers who do not want to waste time on setting up and maintaining the device, and just want to vaporize the liquids on salt nicotine.

Advantages and disadvantages


Weak charging current;

You need to remove the cartridge from the battery pack to refill.


Compact size;

Low weight;

The battery capacity for such a compact device;

USB Type-C;

Activation by puffing;

Large enough volume of the cartridge;

Tight cigarette puff.